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October 05 2005

Serenity feature and competition on has one of the short trailers playing on its front page with a link to another page featuring...

a bigger version of said trailer, an interview (that is coming soon) and a competition to win a tv/dvd-player and Serenity USB memory sticks for 15 runners-up. I'm guessing you need to be a UK resident to enter.

(I've linked straight to the feature page)

A Serenity memory stick? *mind boggles*.
Yeah, I was wondering about that. Has anyone seen such a creature?
I would imagine it's a special promotional item i.e. the sort of stuff you get in press packs.
I think a USB memory stick is really just a small storage device that you can stick on a digital camera or to the USB drive on your computer - it stores photos, videos ... stuff like that. I imagine a Serenity memory stick would come with Serenity photos and videos already in it and perhaps the labeling on the outside of the stick has a Serenity sticker on it rather than the standard brand name stuff that normally comes on such a device.
Yeah killinj, I know what a USB memory stick is, what I was wondering is if it's along the same line as some of these wacky and wonderful things, i.e. a stick in the shape of Serenity, or if it's just as you say, a boring stickered job (not that I object to the later of course).
Wow, I didn't know they made those. I'm not sure who would want a memory stick that looked like sushi, but to each their own. I also wonder if it comes with promotional materials from the film loaded on it or if its just a blank memory stick.

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