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October 05 2005

Serenity Now. Joss Whedon talks to CO-ED Magazine about Serenity and hints at a future for the Buffyverse.

Such a tease, that Joss.
Anyone else find it ironical that Joss gave an interview for a website that has a 'Miss Co-Ed' competition? With scantily clad girls doing their best sex-kitten routines for the camera...

At last, what Joss has been fighting for with his positive depiction of women...
Hey, uh....scantily clad coeds are....uh, positive. Buffy used to be a coed....uh....and sometimes she wore less clothes than other all fits.....sort of....
Heh. It seems like those tv movies are ever more likely. Nice article.
Letís just say I am working on having something to tell everyone about Buffy and those characters

Kick. My. Ass.
He's working on telling us that they will all soon be available on HD-DVD. Time to re-buy the boxed sets!
i hope its like a series of 5 tv movies. One of them has to be a Giles story.....he needs one!

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