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October 05 2005

Mixed results in the ratings for Christian Kane's new show. "Compared with Judging Amy's season premiere last year (households: 7.8/13; adults 18-49: 2.5 on 9/28/04), "Home" was down 3.85% in households but up an impressive 28.00% in adults 18-49."

I think advertisers will be happy with that result given that they wish to target the 18-49 demographic, so I would think slightly fewer households but much more of that demo is ultimately a good thing.
Was it any good?
I would have taken 'Judging Amy' over this minty show any day of the week. I watched JA for 6 years since I was 14. And now it gets replaced by this show that is supposed to bring in a younger demographic. Whatever.

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It was a typical courtroom drama, nothing new, nothing really interesting. So it will likely be a hit.
No evil hands then? In a lovely chipper world we'd see a guest spot by Stephanie Romanov. Those two work so well together.
I would love to see Stephanie on this or Bones.
Argh, other "so-so" numbers... we're invaded! Save the children, save the children!!
I would love to Stephanie, period.

Or, as is more common usage on this site, full stop!
I'd much rather have Judging Amy, and especially Tyne Daly back.

I was entertained by Close to Home. But I don't need to see it again. I'll stick with Law & Order SVU at the 10pm slot reguarly. Close to Home gets my occasional "there's nothing else to watch" viewing.
I forgot it was on :(
I'm sticking to my theory that CK somehow got stuck back in Wolfram & Hart's suburbia holding dimension---except this time the bad stuff was in the neighbor's basement.
I didn't like the writing. It was offensive.
It was offensive? Ok, now I'm curious about the show! ;) The problem for me is that its on the same time as Boston Legal and Nip/Tuck. I'm already watching one and recording the other one - so its hard for me to fit in another show. I could try to switch over during commercials to get a feel for it, but the previews made it look a lot like a Law and Order type show, only not as good. Seriously hated it. CK is going to waste in that miserable show. We got to see what, 3 minutes of screen time with him?

A shame.
Yea, they said mothers should have stricter punishment for killing their kids than fathers should.
Taken out of context, that doesn't mean anything to me. To me, think there's a difference between presenting an point of view and espousing an point of view. So unless the intention of the show is to convert people to that mindset, I don't see anything wrong with it.
Did you watch the show?

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