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October 05 2005

Jonathan Ross on Film 2005 loves Serenity. This is a summary of his review that aired on BBC1 on Monday, and in the UK this is the big one, THE film show, on air since 1972. And he loved it.

The show also featured Chiwetel Ejiofor talking about Kinky Boots where he plays a high heel wearing cross dresser. Quite a contrast.

It really is the number one film show. I suspect this is going to do a lot for the UK box office numbers

For any UK viewers, you should also check-out the review of 'Serenity' on Ceefax (BBC1/BBC2) Pg 543 with phrases like "heart-thumping" and "the summer blockbuster you've all been waiting for"
Hmm, I think I'm gonna write him and complain about something....OH! He spells program all Eurofied... :~P

I did enjoy the last Star Wars, but to hear people say this is even better than such a's always good!
Question for you folks in the UK. I know Chiwetel Ejiofor is a fairly known name in the UK, but how big is he to your audiences? Would his presence be a draw that was lacking here in the States?
I'd never heard of Mr Ejiofor before he was cast in Serenity. Movie buffs may have been more aware of him though.

And he talked about deciding to keep his name and not giving in to pressure to change it to Max Power or something. As someone with a weird name I say, good for him! I really hope he, along with our BDH's, all get a major boost in recognition from Serenity.
Hmmmmm, I wouldnt say Chiwetel was that well known actually. Maybe in the Indie circuit. but not really mainstream. The only major film that I can recall him being in was 'Love Actually' and that was such an ensemble cast that he wouldnt be especially known for it. I've never seen "Dirty Pretty Things" but I did read good reviews for his performance in it.

"Kinky Boots" will be a big hit for Chiwetel (I myself am even contemplating seeing it, but not until every single person I've ever met has seen 'Serenity') but to be honest, Chiwetel will probably not be a draw to the BDM, however he will be more well known than Nathan Fillion etc.

The Biggest draw in this movie will be the marketing without a doubt. They've gone overdrive in the UK, and the reviews are so good...if I wasnt a Browncoat and knew nothing about 'Firefly', I'd go and see this movie, which is proven by most of my sci-fi allergic friends agreeing to come with me. The knife to their throat had nothing to do with it, I swear.
He was the guy in Love, Actually?? I love that movie!!
I've seen Chiwetel Ejiofor on stage and he was superb. It's probably the case that he's still better known inside "the biz" - he's worked with Stephen Frears, Woody Allen, Spike Lee and Joss... er,, well, some of the most respected directors currently working - but he probably wouldn't really be recognised in the street. He'll probably be a big star in a couple of years time (fingers crossed it's due to the US sleeper and worldwide box office smash Serenity) but sadly he's still a well-kept secret.
Being a male, I guess the film just wasnt aimed at me, which probably explains why I didnt enjoy it. Chiwetel was good though.

Also happened to have Keira Knightley in it. Which automatically made me angry and want to hit the screen, because no actor annoys me more than her.
Ok, I went to IMDB to look up Chiwetel and Summer is on the front page! Wasn't that linked to here earlier today? Deleted? I can't be the only one who noticed...
Yes deleted. Trouble with linking with to the IMDB front page, is that it changes daily.

Chiwetel Ejiofor - looks great in drag btw. Kinky Boots trailer is highly amusing.
Chiwetel Ejiofor is fairly well known in the UK. He's been in lots of recognised things: Love Actually, Dirty Pretty Things, The Canterbury Tales mini-series, Woody Allen's Melinda & Melinda and now Kinky Boots/Serenity. He's definitely growing in recognition - not a huge household name yet - but I'd say having him in the cast probably doesn't hurt from a publicity standpoint. He's already doing the publicity rounds over here for the aforementioned UK comedy Kinky Boots.

I go see Serenity for the first time tomorrow as previews open across the UK. 12:40 screening, just after lunch. Can't wait.
Didn't Chiwetel Ejiofor play Othello in a modern-dress version on the TV not long ago? I know he's been in something fairly recently that marked him in reviews as "the one to watch". As far as I know, he's only beginning in his career, so he's not a household name by any means.

As far as Serenity is concerned, I'm tricking my sci-fi allergic husband into seeing the film tomorrow, in Herne Bay of all places (for you UK bods). I've told him next to nothing about it, other than saying that I wasn't wrong about Shaun of the Dead (which he loved) so to trust me on this one. Wish me luck!
Just found the Kinky Boots trailer - he does look smashing!
Looks very funny - hope it gets released in Canada
I strongly recommend Dirty Pretty Things. I thought it was terrific, up to the last 15 minutes, which were a bit of a cop-out, IMHO. Particularly noticeable to me was the almost complete absence of any white English people in a film set in modern-day London. (I loved that). And Chiwetel really showed his range. I think I'd go to see a movie for him alone at this point.
I wasn't sure exactly who he was before Serenity, but I definitely remember hearing Chiwetel's name before. It's hard to forget. I'd say that means he's gaining recognition. I'd also go see a movie he starred in now.

Just for kicks, I went to another afternoon showing today. I asked a manager how ticket sales were over the weekend and she seemed to think (offhand) not great/not bad. Then she checked her paperwork and said, "Well, we've still got it on two screens this week. That's pretty good." Scant audience, but hey. Wednesday at 1:30, to be expected.
Here is the list of films opening in the US and the UK over the next few weeks.

Unlike the US the main UK competion this weekend may be another genre film Nightwatch which is rumoured to be Russia's entry into low budget popular world cinema.

Despite not being mentioned on the linked page Howl’s moving Castle is also on at my local cinema. This is a bit of a shame as several of my friends are fans of Diana Wynne Jones who wrote the book.

Chiwetel Ejiofor is appearing in Serenity, Kinky Boots and Four Brothers so he looks like being the certain winner for the weekend.

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