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October 05 2005

Pre-order Firefly soundtrack at This is a Whedonesque Amazon Associates link. If you click on it and end up ordering something at Amazon, we will receive a percentage. We don't usually post associate links, but it's a special occasion...

... about an hour ago, our hosting provider had to move us to a High Volume server, because we were generating too much traffic. This means we now have to pay double the hosting fees.

So if you hadn't already bought and downloaded the mp3s from the link posted here last week, here's your chance to get the Firefly soundtrack and help us out all in one go.

If you don't want us to get a percentage, that's fine too -- here's a non-associate link to this item on

Just a note: The Serenity soundtrack is number two on the Amazon Soundtrack list! :)
Good grief, Caroline, I don't have any problem with this kind of link since it helps *all* of us. We get first news of a valuable Object of Our Desire (CD this time) and a forum, and you (hopefully) can defray costs and talk with 3,000 of your closest friends. (3,000?!?!? When did that happen? :-)
Thanks, Caroline. I'm sure we are all happy to support you in any way we can in appreciation of your keeping up this great site. I have about 7 things on my birthday list that are sold through this website, so you should be getting some good returns very soon!

As for the soundtrack, I'm looking forward to seeing more details.

Some details, probably subject to change...or not.
Ordered my copy just now from the Whedonesque link; it's the least I can do, Caroline, with all the info you provide for free. Whedonesque is the only place I look for info on Joss. Thanks for keeping the signal going.
Excellent -- happy to order it through Whedonesque.
I always order things through this website... if you don't mind me asking - what's the commission you recieve?
Ordered - delighted to see this available, and very happy to know that Whedonesque get a percentage this way.

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