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October 05 2005

Empire Online cover the UK premiere of Serenity in London. Lots and lots of fun to be had in this article. Just wait till you see who is lined up to play Mal in Serenity 4.

Scott Baio as Mal? I'm still trying to get used to him as Bob Loblaw.
(Arrested Development viewers, all 5 of them, may get that joke).
*coughEnglishpremierecough* ;)
Ah, Joss... he's a fan of the Quip, isn't he?

Some loverly piccies here:

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More piccies at Getty Images here (I prefer Getty Images as they let you see the larger image, albeit with a watermark over it)

Although be warned, this page contains frankly, rather scary close ups of Michelle Bass from Big Brother.

And does any one else think Summer's dress is adorable?
Bob Loblaw, Ha! This was a lovely read too.
I hope we can all stop obsessing about the B.O takings and just start to enjoy that our BDM is out there now. That's the really koolest part about right now!
Hmm, anyone care to count how many "Serenity Now!" headlines we've racked up?

And this one from the UK where, as previously discussed, "Seinfeld" isn't all that widely seen. Frank Costanza lives!
And here I thought it would be Jude Law. :)
"bestrode Leicester Square like a very small Colossus"

Now there's an idea for X-Men 3.

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