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October 05 2005

Firefly Meet n' Sign @ HMV (Oxford Street, London). Joss Whedon, Nathan Fillion and Summer Glau will be meeting fans and signing DVDs at HMV 150 Oxford Street, London on Thursday, 6th October between 12.30pm and 1.30pm.

Surprisingly, I can't see this posted on the site (I've done a search), but if I'm wrong, obviously no problem it it's deleted.

Also, credit where credit is due - I heard about this on the Guardian Newspaper's talkboards

Lucky Londoners...I do so wish they'd come to DC...although, we were graced by Morenna's appearance at the May pre-screening (my 21 year old son had his picture taken with her!)

Really would like something like this in Washington Whedonites and (I'm sure) the Northern Virgina Browncoats would show up in force!
I just wish Universal would stop acting as though Canada was part of the U.S. and send our BDHs up here. Yes, we did get Sean in Toronto and Jewel in Vancouver, but she lives there! We want Joss!
Have fun, all those who can bask in Jossian goodness the next few days.
When I was in London I used to go to that HMV at least once a week. Guess I should have saved that chunk of life till now.
Lioness! I completely agree! And some love to the East Coast would be nice too! I'd be perfectly willing to travel to Halifax for a chance to meet Joss. God, I'd walk to Halifax for a chance to meet Joss. My heart is racing just imaging about it... being so remote means that it's so hard to get to any US or Europe conventions (especially when you're 16, without a full driver's licence...).
Word on the Toronto bit. We want our share, too! :(
Well bother!

I'm heading up to London today for the Common Rotation gigs but I won't be there on time for this not even If I left right now! Which is really not a viable option since turning up to a signing in my dressing gown may raise the odd eyebrow ;)
Ok, I'm going. I'm shaking already. What do I say? Gotta go put make-up on. Gotta think of witticisms. Gotta be charming and cool. Still shaking.
Curses! I won't be able to get there unless we finish really early for lunch...
*starts working faster*

I'd go but.. I'm banned from the HMV on Oxford Street.

Curse my misspent youth..
I met Joss! Praise be and hallelujah! I was shaking and my mouth dried up and my #@!*ing camera broke as I got to the table, but today ranks as one good day!

I really wanted to thanks Joss as my work with victims of domestic abuse means that I really identify with the whole 'fight the good fight' thing, and the idea that my heroes aren't ever going to win their battles, but that's not why they carry on the work really helps when my clients come to me after being raped and beaten yet again....

Anyway, I babbled like a maniac and Joss kind of looked like a rabbit caught in the headlights of my over-excited verbal diahhorhheeha (I'm not even going to try and get it right. But what a shame my English degree seems to have gone to waste). He didn't really have time to respond as we were being ushered through by security, but I hope he understood me and it was wonderful to meet him and Summer and Nathan. They were great, and a special 'Hi' to Pete and Jennifer who were with me in the queue!

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