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October 06 2005

"I am so proud" - Jewel Staite on Serenity and the fandom. She talks about the opening weekend and the second weekend as well in the latest 'Dear Roj' letter.

Awww...she's so sweet.
I love Jewel. *sigh*
You guys took the words right out of my mou-, er, keyboard. =)
Brought me to tears, she did.

It's been such a shitty few days, these moments of clarity and support from Joss and the cast and other Browncoats and other fans are wonderful to find.

Thanks Jewel!
Aww... she should have come to see us at our screening!


Still love ya Jewel!
Yes! Another Dear Roj! And how she writes then. I promise, we're just as proud of you guys as you're of us. It's what makes this fandom so special, it's a mutual bond of love and respect (oh my god! I'm the cheese master). And when it comes around to the Swedish premiere I've got about $100 stashed away, just for Serenity. If nothing else, I'll try to do my part.
"I REALLY hope my Dad doesn't want to play Inara"

Hah! Funny Jewel.

If my dad was into table-top RPGs, I wouldn't be surprised if he wanted to play Kaylee. Half the reason would be because he's a mechanic himself.
What's the other half, Kris? :P the Swedish premiere I've got about $100 stashed away, just for Serenity.

Right there with you, Djungelurban. And a whole months intrest might buy us popcorn. ( It feels so far away !)
Oh wow, Jewel made me cry...
That was simply lovely. Jewel rocks.
There are NO RULES here.

This is my new motto! :-)
Awww, she's so sweet!
Jeez, what's not to love there...truly a lovely, lovely woman.
I adore Jewel's "Dear Roj" site. She's so cool. I love you Kaylee, oops, I mean Jewel! :0
We should all take from Jewel's positive attitude... plus her joke about her Dad was really funny.
I just love Jewel to bits. Thanks for that, Jewel.
Aww! Jewel is just so adorable!
*sobs* She's such a darling!

(one nail short, Djungelurban.. right there with ya!)

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