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October 06 2005

(SPOILER) Slippery slope: James Marsters injured his ankle on the set of "Smallville" in Vancouver last week.

Owwwww carefull buddy. Even sounds like he's having fun, and I hope this works out great for him.
I volunteer to kiss it better ! :-D
Awww, bless him. What a trouper getting up and finishing the shot. See, posh shoes are all very nice until they make you fall over. lol.

Only three more weeks til London. :0)
He sounds really upbeat for a guy who hurt his ankle. I'm glad he's enjoying himself on the set and I can't wait to see his episodes on Smallville. Oh, and I'm jealous of those who get to see him in London. Please fill us in on all the juicy details.
Well, killinj, if that pesky Atlantic wasn't in the way, apparently there are still tickets available for the Carling Academy gig and for the matinee of the one man show. Although I guess now he might be explaining to us "why I love theatre" with a wee bit of a limp.

I'd suggest the producer should get him a high stool to sit on, but with his injury record that'd probably be a hazard too. He's just too bouncy a Tigger for his own good, bless him.
Ouch! And he still finished the scene. I would've been on the ground screaming like a little girl (there goes my manly-man points). Yes, sounds like James is having a blast. I normally don't watch 'Smallville, but I think I'm going to check out these episodes. Appears he's playing a rather interesting character.
Poor James ! Maybe they should get him some posh designer trainers for any future running scenes !
Didn't he have an operation on his knee quite recently?
He's a tough little bugger.

As for Smallville, I see him pictured in promos at the WB for episode 2, but from what I understand from the spoilery boards, I don't think he's in it.

They even use his picture to click on for the new episode.

I guess DeKnight wrote tonight's episode. Hopefully the spoilers are wrong and James is in it. Wouldn't using his picture be misleading otherwise?

[ edited by spikeylover on 2005-10-06 15:54 ]
All the photos (for everyone, not just James) are from the first episode - they aren't intended to respresent what you'll see in the next episode.
Killinj, the way it's set up, you click on James' picture for the new episode. I'm not taking any chances. I'm watching it. At least we know he'll be in next weeks episode.
Oh, he might make a brief appearance in the episode, like he did on the first one, all I'm saying is that that the photos displayed there aren't about the second episode. The way its set up on the main page, the photos rotate so that it doesn't always display the same photo. The first time I went to the page I didn't see James photo at all, I had to refresh the page. All the photos in the rotation are from the first episode. If you look at the photos accompanying the first episode - you'll notice the photos are from the season finale last year.

[ edited by killinj on 2005-10-06 17:01 ]
James isn't listed in the credits for the second episode, but the last shot of him from the first episode might well appear in the "previously on . . . " bit.

I've stuck with Smallville since season 1, so I'll be watching anyway!
"turn interesting shades of purple", haa, that's funny.
Whether he's on or not, it would be good to watch for the sake of any story arc continuity.

He's always getting hurt on the job and then continuing on injured. He's kind of like a man in that way. ;-)
"I am trying to wake Clark Kent up," he says wryly. "Like many political science professors, I am trying to open my students' minds."

I like the way he describes the character. Not just a villain but a person who believes in his cause.
Stupid shoes!

I like the way he's been describing the character, too. I just hope the writing lives up to it. No worries about the acting, however.
You know, I'm really looking forward to seeing him in this. Just that wee clip last week resonated a specific cool clean tone. I love actors who work from inside the mind and heart and so change their own personal energy to live the part. It's the actors actor thing to do and you really don't see it that much these days. Actors are cast more to personality and type than for the ability to characterize. Just that quick clip last week reminded me of the strong energy center and specific choices of a young John Hurt (who I think is one of the best actors of our time).

Really looking forward to this.

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