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October 06 2005

(SPOILER) Firefly: The Next Generation. Another Joy of Tech cartoon. (There's what might be considered a spoiler, but I think you'd only pick up on it if you've seen the film. Better safe than sorry though)

Very........... interesting.

And a Reaver medic? Condition gunshot wound, treatment eat patient. Broken leg, eat him. Sore throat, eat him. Tennis elbow, eat him.
Heh, that was an amusing comic; quite a collection of folks he chose. But, zz9, that "Tennis elbow, eat him" has been making me laugh for a couple of minutes now.
I liked "Creek" the best. She gave me the giggles.
I loved chris rock as zoe and wash's son. lol. Also loved the "kindly" reaver- because that is SO sequel tv show. There's always something lame like that. Just like cartoon version of shows always get some kinda magical flying creature.
I rather liked "Malcolm Ghandi." Nice touch.
z29 -- Wouldn't the eating treatment only be attempted after the rape treatments had proved ineffective?

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I love that the new ship is pretty much the old, with another set of engines strapped on. Funny.
hi-larious! And so true... kindly reaver, revamped Serenity, etc

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