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October 06 2005

Auction to benefit Buffy author. A charity event to raise money for brain-tumor research in honor of Matthew Passerella, son of John Passerella (Buffy novelist), on October 8. Check out the charity's website for signed Buffyverse and Serenity items.

From the Sci-Fi Channel website.

This was my first story posting. I hope I did everything correctly. I did not find this story in the archives. Please delete if already posted.
This does sound like a nice event for charity.
This guy writes some pretty decent books in the non-Buffyverse vein . Check out the "Wither" series; they're quite good.
Good link, I added a bit more to your subject line.

The author himself emailed us and there's some really cool stuff up for auction at the charity's website (or alternatively go to the eBay link) including items signed by a lot of Buffyverse actors and Serenity #1 signed by Joss.

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