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October 06 2005

Found Serenity in the UK? See the movie 3 times, and send those ticket stubs away for a gift. Serenity has opened for previews nation wide in the UK today, with a full opening tomorrow. Additionally, the fans who attended the premiere, went on MTV and after show party have a topic here. Photos from Odeon West End premiere here and here.

Hmm, it say's from the 7th so I guess today's tickets don't count. Oh well, I was planning on seeing it at least another 3 times anyway.
3 times? I laugh at your measly "three times". Yeah, give me a challenge that isnt as easy as breathing!
wooo! great way to promote Serenity. I was gonna see it 5 times at least anyway!
Well that won't be a problem, just saw it a second time, seriosly considering running back and watching it again.

Is that right, do only tickets from tomorrow count?
Yeah, just returned from viewing number 2, to which I brought my brother, who knows everybody and has promised to big it up to the peeps he ran off to hang out with (big sis not good enough!). Plus I said I'd pay for him if he went again with another friend. Bribery, people! It works!
(ETA spelling stuff)

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Is that postcode right, or is it supposed to be "W15 2YA"?
I've only seen it a piddly twice today but tomorrow is a new day and i'm booked in for every showing!!!
Ok. The last picture on the 2nd link is just too, too, great. Just a kiss on the cheek, don't try to get fresh now Joss!
Ghost Spike, the postcode is W1A 2YA. I checked it via the Royal Mail's postcode finder.
Thanks, dashboardprophet, it was the ! I wasn't sure about, not quite sure why I typed a 5.
Hmm, just seen it for the second time, now I'm away until the 21st, so this could be tricky. I did pick up a "Mal" postcard tonight though.
It would have been nice if it'd included the previews today in the offer, since I, for one, have one of those ticket stubs now...
From the party report by DoubleShiny describing much consumption of free beer, and then dancing with Joss;

"I tell Joss that he's a good man, and he makes people happy."

As we all knew; from beer cometh great wisdom.

Just saw the BDM again at the previews and I very much wanted to second DoubleShiny's comment.
I wonder if they'll do something similiar here in Sweden cause I'm gonna get 3 ticket stubs within days.

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