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October 06 2005

(SPOILER) Watch the first 9 minutes of Serenity in full screen thanks to UIP International. If you want to get people interested in Serenity, I suspect this is the link to distribute across the interweb. By a stunning coincidence, it includes spoilers (it runs from the very beginning of the film at the Universal logo, and has no cuts).

I've already hooked 3 people with this lik!!! :)
Screen caps gallore from this! :)
Sweet! I'm sending this out to like everyone. I'm at work and couldn't watch the whole thing... where does it cut off?
This is fantastic. I'm going to send this out to the people I hit last week, and link it on my LJ, too. What better way to sell the movie than the movie itself!
"Where are you hiding, little girl".

It's a shame they didn't have the introduction to Serenity herself and the crew, but if they'd done that it would have run into 15 minutes...

Basically, this clip says: big budget, great special effects, mystery about a girl. I think it's a fantastic piece of marketing, as it's basically back story so doesn't give too much away, and sets the scene nicely. That said, it doesn't really communicate enough of the humour or family aspects, but like I say, they can't put everything online.
I'm at work and couldn't watch the whole thing... where does it cut off?

It's the first whole section of the film - cuts out just prior to the introduction of Serenity herself.

I can't believe that that's nine minutes - it seemed to go by far more quickly in the cinema...
Damn. I was hoping that loving view of Serenity hitting atmo would have been there. Personally, I would have cut it off at "I know. We're going for a ride."

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Grrr. Firefox wouldn't play this, I had to open IE. It's a damn good job it was worth it! And I too would have like at least up to Mal's PA anouncement.
Worked in Firefox for me.
Worked in FF for me as well. I open IE only in the most dire circumstance.
Uhhrrmmm ... does this work on Macs?

Shows only: "0% loaded". I can't even click on "Video Help". Well, I can click on "Video Help", but nothing happens :)

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Another interesting strategy on the part of Universal -- and it costs them virtually nothing in the overall scheme of things. But it still hits basically the same online audience. I would have liked to have seen more ads on TV this week, but I guess Universal doesn't want to sink huge pots of money into the movie with the relatively weak returns of this past week. And I haven't a clue how much it costs to advertise in each country.

Anyway, it's fun to watch and re-live this part of the movie.
I'm using this to hook the holdouts!

It also worked for me in Firefox.
Hmmmmm, it's supposed to work here:

Apple Macintosh

Operating System:
OSX version 10.2.7 or better (with all current patches)

Safari version 1.2.4 or better (fully patched)
Mozilla and IE are not always supported, as they lack javascript to java connectors.

Browser Extensions:
Any Sun Java except un-patched 10.3.9.

But no movie here ....
Hey... it's one minute for each BDH!
K, got it. You have to have Java activated. Do you peeps all surf with java on all the time? That's crazy ...
IM Foreman, I agree with the Serenity hitting atmo thing. It actualy really moved me, so it would have been a great thing for everybody to see.
I've posted this on every board that I am a member of (other than the 'Serenity' board and here, that is.), and some members of each are already... converted... ;p
Hey, the "security men" in the room during the escape scene aren't tinted red. I knew I wasn't crazy thinking they were normal-colored during the preview screenings.
Is there any way to control this - FW, REW etc?
redfern: Though it's nice to see Universal try something like that 1), they are obviously still very paranoid about the whole downloading stuff from that there intrweb thingie. So, I guess to make yure you get no way to save the clip to disk you have nbo control over the replay whatsoever :-/

1) There will be even more of Universal movies online. Do they finally get it?

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Uhhrrmmm ... does this work on Macs?

It worked on mine (with Safari and OS X 10.4.2)

It makes some sense to show this first 9 minutes and not the introduction to the ship and crew, since structurally, I think that this is the teaser and meeting everyone on the ship is the beginning of Act 1.
I think you can jump to various sections within a very small window (probably a minute or so) if you hit the space bar, but it doesn't look like you can effectively rewind.
drewfidelic: Yup, as I posted above after reading the system rquirements I finally realised that you have to activate Java.
So, I run an IT helpdesk. Here is a conversation I have been having the last hour or so with anyone who asks for my help.

Person needing help: My computer won't let me go to hotmail!
Me: Really, you want me to help?

Person needing help: Uhh yeah?
Me: What have you done for me lately?

Person needing help: Umm, I don't know.
Me: I want you to do something for me and then I'll see if I can help you.

Person needing help: Uhh... ok?
Me: I am going to send you an email and you will visit the link and watch the video. Dong ma?

Person needing help: Dong whowha???
Me: Watch the video!

Person needing help: What's it about?
Me: Just watch it and let me know what you think.

Person needing help: Dude, I just want to check my hotmail.
Me: Check you work email and watch the video!
Person needing help: ok!

I sent them the link to the first 9 minutes of Serenity.

Person needing help: DUDE! That was pretty cool. What's it all about.
Me: Go see it this weekend and find out!

Person needing help: Is it good?
Me: Seen it 6 times and have to to say it's gorram shiny!

Person needing help: Gorawho?
Me: Just watch it and bring your friends.

Person needing help: I might do that.
Me: :)
These other two each had there own threads but these three links together make a good case to see the flick.

7 clips (& trailers) at Moviefone

"Resurrecting Firefly" aired on SciFi (21:49)-- Director Joss Whedon and the cast of 'Serenity' discuss how they brought a popular, yet canceled, show back to life on the big screen.
Ah, very cool! Just watched it. Can't wait to see the movie again. I've already posted this to one newsgroup I post in, and more will follow.

I heard that people running Linux are having trouble getting this to work though, can anyone confirm or deny?
SpookyRiverFan: Ha! Wonder if I can pull that off with students who come to my office hours tonight...
Great! I like how the intro shows there is an interesting villain with a code of honor, realized in a great, subtle, fleshed-out performance by Chiwetel Ejiofor. I'm glad to see that Universal is using the movie itself for advertising...

But we still need saturation TV ads with the great reviews saying "Serenity" is a great sci-film, better than Star Wars, a thrill ride, etc., etc.!!! I'm still at a loss as to why they haven't done it yet... are they thinking that last week's vague ads about Serenity being "written about" in the NY Times and Variety were the same? Well if that's what they think they're WRONG. Grr, arghh!
I keep getting "Vivadas Player still loading" or some such when I try to start the streaming. I have a very recent, fully souped up Mac. Happens in both Safari and Firefox. Is this available anywhere else? Has this happened to anyone else? I'm dying to see this and would appreciate any help and/or advice.
I will try rip this off that site and make tons of copies on CDs and pass them out on campus after Jon Stewart finishes his stand up routine here on Saturday. If I'm unsuccessful at ripping them, can someone else try and let me know. If not i'll just post flyers with the link. This is a great way to promote. People don't give up.
So if you read through the HTML file, you can directly download the .viv file that this plays. I'm not inclined to their video player, so does anyone have a codec or convertor for this so we can get it in a decent video format? Preferably something that I can play on my computer.
SpookyRiverFan, if you did that to me, I'd make it a point NOT to see the movie just out of spite. But hey, that's just me. ;)
Okay, this kicks ass. I just checked, the intake for Wed went down, but you know what? One more night and then we are gonna flood the theaters. This is a great way to get newbies interested. I myself am having trouble recruiting at school. My chorus teacher was like: "Bianca, it takes place in the future for crying out loud!" Another commented that the previews don't do it justice compared to how I rave about it. Here's to everyone having better luck than me!
phlebotinin: As I wrote, make sure you have Java, Javascript and PopUps active in Safari.
hmm... I don't know... maybe they should have shown an extra 5 minutes, because the next scene kind of shows how funny the crew can be...
I'm a Firefly fan, I'm probably biased, and I don't care.....such a gorgeous looking film. Makes me want the DVD. Now.
ChosenOne: That is such a great idea, handing out CDs to the post-Stewart crowd!
So very cool. Even cooler would be including the next 9 minutes, then the next 9 minutes....and so on.

Great conversion device.

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Re comments about this being an innovative marketing device for Universal, it should be pointed out (as mentioned in the introduction) that it's actually being done by UIP. I'm pretty sure that the UK release date was displayed at the end.

[ edited by Gag Halfrunt on 2005-10-07 02:00 ]
What a great idea--get the clip in front of as many people as possible! What a shame Universal chose this company to distribute the clip, though. Despite having well above their stated minimums for processor speed, memory, and OS (plus Java turned on, popup blocking off, and a wicked fast internet connection), after a half hour the stupid player still claims to be loading in every Mac browser I've tried: Safari 1.3.1, Mozilla 1.7.12, IE 5.2, Firefox 1.0.7, Camino 0.8.4, and Opera 8.5.

If they really want to get the clip seen, streaming with a more accessible service PLUS allowing downloads would be the way to do it. Some people will prefer the stream, but imagine what we could do if Universal allowed fans to burn the clip and hand out copies to anyone who'll take one.

(AH-HAH!!! It plays in OmniWeb 5.1.b4! Hope this helps a few of the people who couldn't get the clip to play either.)
After that, I remembered the theme song and is not stuck in my head . Wonderfully stuck.

One tactic that Universal should have done is air the first 9 minutes of the movie on NBC and other NBC Universal owned channels. For example, the King Kong trailer on NBC/USA/SciFi/Bravo/(that Spanish station)/etc. The first 10 min of "The Day After Tomorrow" on FOX.
Important little detail, especially for Firefox users. You have to enable Java (not just Java Script) AND allow pop ups. Playing it offline seems to be tricky, if someone can dig out a Vivo H.263 Version 2.0.0 coded it MIGHT work.
Ceec: Re Browser Settings: If you have a problem like that and you change your settings, (PopUps OFF, Javascript AND Java ON) make sure to reload (!) the page.
And of course you have to have a patched system, but I guess yours is.

[ edited by PowerToThePeople on 2005-10-07 11:32 ]
direct download url (not sure what will play it though, try mplayer)

they are using the commerical on2 vp7 codec but it's in a proprietary wrapper that's beyond my ability and I can't figure out :-(

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