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October 06 2005

(SPOILER) Reaching the parts others cannot. Thoughtful and overall very positive Christian Serenity review by a fellow browncoat. Now go forth and convert faith based folk into true Serenity believers. Added spoiler tag to be super safe.

Although the author has some ideological issues with Serenity, this review should give added help to those of you who are trying to convince faith oriented folks the movie is worth seeing. (I know this is very much his intention.)

One paragraph could be interpreted as a somewhat oblique spoiler. As I am aware people feel strongly about this, I added a spoiler tag in order to err on the side of caution (I don't want to go to the special hell).

You did the right thing. I know people who were effectively spoiled--not as to specifics, but as to general plot points--by reading something exactly like that paragraph.

It's notable in some ways that Firefly features a sympathetic Christian character at all. (Even if he is - what's the phrase? - fuzzy on the subject of kneecaps.)

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