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October 06 2005

(SPOILER) TV Guide's Michael Ausiello briefly gives his opinion on Serenity. "It doesn't take a Browncoat to figure out that Nathan Fillion is the next Harrison Ford." About 4/5 down the page. Spoilers for other shows.

Wow, and a whole crapload of stuff that went over my head from Lost...
Why he's not already a member of Hollywood's A-list is beyond me.

Yeah, me too. Oh, and spoilers galore for a ton of other shows. And yay! I just saw a new Serenity ad during "X-Play" on G4.

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"Nathan Fillion is the next Harrison Ford."

Has the previous Harrison Ford been informed?
I swapped the headline around as our RSS feed is only so long.
I like Ford, liked him in Blade Runner, Witness...frankly, I don't care for the Star Wars movies (even the early ones) my mind cartoonish (nothing wrong with that, just not my interest)...that's why I liked Blade Runner so much (of course, my affection for the writings of Philip K. Dick factored in)...but I really think Nathan is much more iteresting than Ford, and that is saying something.
Has the previous Harrison Ford been informed?

He has. He said it was fine with him as long as he could continue to fly small planes, snuggle Calista and make one crappy movie every 5 years... (ooooohh I went there!;-)

I like Ford, liked him in Blade Runner, Witness...frankly, I don't care for the Star Wars movies (even the early ones) my mind cartoonish (nothing wrong with that, just not my interest)...

Star Wars is a little cartoonish. And I say that with the deepest affection. (And as a former kid with loads of Star Wars toys) I love it, but the characters aren't exactly deep.

For the record, Ford has been one of my favorite actors most of my life, especially in movies like Blade Runner, Witness, the Indy Trilogy, The Fugitive... he has a great quality, a deep intensity that made the 80's action heroes like Arnie and Sly look even more brainless (And as a young teen I enjoyed those too, but still saw them for what they are)

I gotta say too though that Nathan might indeed have what it takes to fill those shoes. (And they need filling!) I'm amazed at how grim and harsh he can appear, and then how goofy and funny too. And he has such a...I don't know...gritty reality to him somehow. And I still say that he beats Ford when it comes to the comedy! Man that guy has a sense of comic timing and delivery!
Uh, yeah... it drives me insane when people compare actors. I had this picture on my wall for a while that said, "Will Smith is the new Harrison Ford!" or something. I just happened to like them both, and I in no way agree, and it made me angry a lot.

Why cant they just accept that Harrison Ford is the only Harrison Ford? Nathan Fillion doesnt want to be Harrison Ford, he wants to be Nathan Fillion, I'm sure.

It's sad when we think we only have a few molds for celebrities to fit into.
numbereleven: could not agree more. So sick of celebrity comparisons, just because Fillion admires Ford doesn't mean he is the same or has to fill his shoes.

And I don't think the constant Serenity/Star Wars comparisons are doing much for the movie at this point, that horse is beaten dead. It pisses off some of the hardcore Star Wars fans and alienates non-Star Wars fans, and since Serenity is less kid-friendly than Star Wars it's not much help to get that part of the audience into the theater. I wish the ads would focus more on what makes Serenity distinctive.
A Whedon fan as big as Aussiello didn't see all of Firefly ? Geez, you'd think a TV-obsessive guy like that would've done his homework before going to see Serenity.
Cygnet, I disagree that people don't respond to comparisons to Star Wars. Yeah, it could be beaten to death for people who read review after review of Serenity (like us!), but it's attention-grabbing to the average person-on-the-street I think.
Ronald, I see your point, but I do wish there were some ads without the comparisons that still had positive reviews. It's more my overall frustration with the short TV spots and scant advertising coming through here. But you're right that the comparison is attention-grabbing--at least Star Wars sticks in people's minds. (Don't know that it's a positive association for everyone, though.)
So sick of celebrity comparisons, just because Fillion admires Ford doesn't mean he is the same or has to fill his shoes.

Well, when people compare Nathan to Ford I think they mean (at least *I* mean) that they have a similar vibe in a few aspects:
-they're good looking but not in a standard 'pretty boy' way. (they got something of a bit of rugged everyman in there)
-they're both great as action heroes but they've got an extra realistic and intelligent quality to them,
-they're both rising in their fame as anti-heroes in action/SF movies that are not the run-of-the-mill derivative kind,
-they're both good at the drama-in-comedy and comedy-in-drama moments.

Ford has been pretty unique in that combo as well as in the 'place' he occupied in the Hollywood, and frankly I've never seen anyone really fill that void after he stopped making movies more regularly (and sorry, but since he made good ones).

I in no way mean Nathan's 'copying' Ford or something. There are plenty of differences between them. I just can see Nathan as a true contender to fill that still-empty void in movieland and for me, he's the first one of whom I can truly say that. (For example,I sorta like Will Smith but that comparison I really don't see.)

It's just that "Nathan might the new Ford" is a quicker way to say all of that. My posts would get even longer than they already are...;-)

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