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October 07 2005

A list of open-captioned Serenity screenings in the States. If anyone knows of any other screenings not on this list, please do post them in the comments section for the benefit of hear-impaired and deaf fans.

And thanks very much to Kevin who emailed Whedonesque with this link.

National Amusements Cinemas has a couple open caption theatres but this is also dependant on the movie as well.
In Canada Famous Players Theatres has Rear Window Captioning® and Descriptive Video Service® for Serenity & other shows. Here's a list of equipped theatres - I know for sure the F.P. Silver City has it for their Serenity showings.

Gah ! Apparently they moved Serenity to a different theatre at the Ancaster Silver City, so now it's just Wallace & Gromit that has the RWC/DVS screenings.

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