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October 07 2005

Point Pleasant DVD Competition. are giving away three DVD boxsets of Marti Noxon's show.

Do it for the Boyd love. Best new character in ages, he would have been ace in Angel.

Sweet! It says that second prize is winning SIX DVD boxsets of the show. Woo-hoo!
Wait. So, they're giving away three box sets of the show? That doesn't work. I mean, really, in a competition you want there to be fewer winners than losers.

(Whether you think I'm making a snide remark about how few people will enter, or making a comment that anyone who DOESN'T get this box set is in effect winning this competition--and the LOSERS are the ones who get the sets--is up to you.)
Do remember that there are people who liked this show, including me for one so it would be advisable not to phrase remarks that could be considered to be bashing.

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