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"You're a wee, little puppet man!"
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October 07 2005

Browncoats on AOL's "the hot list". Browncoats are number 3 on "the hot list".

Position may change throughout course of the day.

I'm hot, baby. Hot hot hot.
I've always thought so, gossi :)

I'm glad to see the surge in interest. Hopefully, it will translate to ticket sales. My former boss saw my Serenity t-shirt and asked me about it. I think she was interested. I wore it all around town yesterday, so I did my best.
#6 is Spike. :) 2 Whedonite mentions in the top 10.
Strangely no sign of Ben/Glory or the LoveThread(tm)... /sigh
zeitgeist, I guess the word hasn't gotten out that Ben is Glory.
What?!! :) Someone will kill me for starting that again... *waits for SNT to come along with a trout*
Can someone direct me to the LoveThread(tm)? I like Love too! Cute pic of Joss there showing off his manly beard!
LoveThread(tm) -- which reminds me, if any 'locals' in or near Scotland have suggestions for places that we MUST visit (we have a good list going already, but suggestions are always good especially from locals as we like to avodi things that are too touristy), please drop me an email (its in my profile) as I don't want to threadjack this.

ETA - the flickr thread on WheDating.

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Unfortunately it didn't work out with the woman I was dating post LoveThread(tm). But she did come dancing with us at the after show the other night. Me, Sarah, Kirsty and Joss dancing to Greendays 'American Idiot', whilst singing the words. Bliss. Photographic evidence, too.
Hehe, nice pic, gossi. Sorry things didn't work out :(
What do you Ben is Glory!?

I just couldn't resist.
zeitgeist, many thanks for the link. I'm so happy for you and barest_smidgen! And sorry things didn't work out for you gossi but with all this partying with Joss you're bound to meet a hot Whedonite soon!
Sadly my fiancee has gone off to listen to some wacky plinky plonky modern music concert or I would squeeze him and squeeze him! I'm feelin' the love! *sigh* I'll just use my solo Friday night to plug Serenity hither and thither.
those are better tickets than they had for the hollywood premiere. Too bad they took the ticket for the after party before I could take a picture with my cellphone.
We brits know how to PARTAY.
gossi in particular knows how to partay :D p.s. -- I still love Simon's line re: Riley shipping hehe...

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