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October 07 2005

James Marsters Video Interview about Smallville. There's also an interview with him in Issue #11 of the Smallville magazine. It features a photo of him on the upper left hand corner of the cover with the headline "Guess Who's Coming to Smallville!"

Titan Magazines seems to still have issue #10 on their website or I would have linked to them instead.

The suspense is killin' (j?) me :) Who is it?!!? Okay, okay, I'll behave. Anyone have any thoughts on Mr. Marsters re: Smallville aside from 'I watched it with the sound down 'cuz JM is hot and the writing is not'? I tease because I care :)
He's only appeared at the end of the first episode as a teaser for what's to come, so there isn't much to comment on yet. And, yes, that's a "J" at the end of my screenname.
I believe zeitgeist was making with the funny. Again.

I'm gonna need a bigger trout.
Yeah TYRING to make with the funny and if you can't find a trout, you could always try... A HERRING!!!
Or, you could just hit zietgeist over the head for the halibut! ;)
you would me with your outraaaaaaaaaageous accusations in that outraaaaageous accent :)
Linking to a magazine cover doesn't really lead to much discussion (well usually when zeitgeist isn't around) so I've changed your link a video interview with Mr Marsters.
Nice find Simon!
Thanks for the video link and the the heads up about James being in SV magazine. :) I love everything created by Joss, I loved the character of Spike, and I really love Smallville, so I am interested to see how this all plays out...
Wonderful mini-interview with James re Brainiac. Thanks for the link, Simon.
Okay, so this isn't meant to be a flame, but it kind of it. I watched Smalleville religiously for like the first season and then my love fizzled. Watching it these past two weeks makes me embarrassed for television. THe writing, acting and storylines are absolutely horrific. And on top of that, JM wasn't even in the ep last night!
I haven't every really watched SMALLVILLE (except waiting for Angel to come on in season five) and I was pleasantly surprised, to be honest. I think it is better than most of the stuff on TV. I thought that little love scene was rather innocent and sweet last night.

Anyway, whatever anyone thinks, it's getting great ratings. It's the WB's top rated show. YAY. That means I get to see all of James' episodes without cancellation fears.

Love his curly hair but if you are at work, be careful. That SOMEBODY SAVE ME song blasts out unexpectedly.
That SOMEBODY SAVE ME song blasts out unexpectedly.

My secret shame. I bought the Remy Zero album just for that song. Hey I like it.
Simon, I really like it too, but not when it blasts out unexpectedly. (especially when you are at work, thankfully I was not..ha ha)
We should probably save it from these humans and kill them off. And then we can have a new Krypton. Because the humans probably going to kill themselves off in 50 to 100 years anyway, max.

Hee! James is so Method! He assumes Kryptonian mentality even during interviews!
Yeah, Moscow Watcher. I was giggling watching it because his whole being was so different from interviews when he is talking about Spike or upcoming convention appearances. (Hee hee.) He is such an actor. It puts a silly smile on my face.

Zeitgeist, I'll be happy to give you a full report when there is something to report. ;-)

My Serenity, He is only supposed to be in 10 episodes last I heard, though the number keeps in going up. (When has that happened before?) I think his formal introduction is supposed to be in the next episode.

I had never watched Smallville before the last few weeks. I missed the season premier, but generally it hasn't seemed terrible, just not big in the depth department. It doesn't seem to claim to be anything but light entertainment so I can't fault it there. Admittedly, I would not keep watching it if I were not interested in seeing JM's performance, but it has not been torture or anything.
Same here, newcj, just watching it to see James. I do have to admit to going back and watching previous seasons. I just want to know what is going on. I'm on season 3 right now. The acting is pretty terrible except for Lex, Chloe, and Lionel. Tom is nice to look at too. No mocking me, zeitgeist has already let me have it :) Simon, I like the song as well. I'm such a TV snob now thanks to Joss.
My secret shame. I bought the Remy Zero album just for that song. Hey I like it.

I've seen Remy Zero and yes they did play THE song :)

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