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October 07 2005

Whedon seeks return of 'gritty' sci-fi. The BBC website interviews Joss on Serenity, and links to Whedonesque!

A brief interview with the Joss, discussing the "grittiness" of the film, sci-fi/western, comparing Mal Reynolds with Han Solo, and the strong female characters - namely Zoe - which links into a brief discussion of Wonder Woman.

Whedonesque is linked under the "related Internet links" sidebar, as "Joss Whedon fan site", along with the official Serenity site.

Fun 'view, plus now I can realize my lifelong dream of going between W-esque and Auntie Beeb without having to click on a bookmark of any kind.

The BBC is not responsible for the content of external internet sites

They must be talking about the Ben/Glory threadjack there...
Newflash for Joss: Gritty sci-fi is alive and well and it is called Battlestar: Galactica.
Yeah, but its alone and Joss hasn't had time to watch BSG yet... fear not, he will, just as he did with VM ;)
I'm in full agreement with you tinktanker! Battlestar is, IMHO, the best thing on television right now. Y'know, Zoic Studios did insert
a Firefly Class ship-albeit briefly-into a scene during the Battlestar Galactica miniseries which preceded the new series. Perhaps they'll include some other Whedonverse Easer Eggs here and there.
Joss and model, there's a couple. In Giles words, "The Earth is doomed."
Fun fact: apparently the Battle Galatica can been seen during 'Serenity'.
Wouldn't surprise me :) Six = Gina, spread the word :)
It has been a fantastic non-stop action adventure for Whedonesque this year.
Regarding BSG: There's gritty and there is unrelentingly dire. I enjoy the show, but it's just so dark all the time. I can see this getting old for me quickly. Firefly, Serenity... not without grit and darkness, but also has humor and happiness in places. I like a balance.

[ edited by IMForeman on 2005-10-07 21:22 ]
I don't find BSG to be unrelentingly dire. It has its funny bits.
Hey regarding Battlestar Galactice, any stuff for season 2 please use the invisible tags. I haven't seen it yet (aint coming here to January). Cheers, thanks etc.

People talk about BSG ripping off Firefly but from what I understand the two shows were developed at the same time with out either camp knowing about the style of the other show.
Spoiler alert noted, Simon. BTW, I was only kidding about Six and Joss ;)

Though I see similar themes between Firefly and BSG, neither are stealing from another. As was mentioned, good thoughts are bought about by a change in moods in television. Ron and Joss are just running down the same track. Nothing more than that.
To my eye, the only real similarity between them is that ZOIC is doing the effects for both.

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