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October 07 2005

(SPOILER) BBC podcast: Mark Kermode reviews Serenity. This is Mark Kermode, fairly respected in the UK. I haven't listened to it yet so there may be spoilers.

Very positive review from a newbie (hints at a lot of spoilers). "If the TV show was half as good as the film, I honestly can't see what the TV bosses didn't like about it."
This went out on BBC Newsnight last night, along with radio last night, and today on the radio again.
Very positive...his "movie of the week", he admitted numerous times that he knew nothing about "Firefly" and used the word "apparently" when speaking of Buffy thereby indicating he had seen little or none of it. I can only hope everyone over there listens to his review!
BTW, if you download the mp3, the review begins around minute 26 or so.
It's about 27 mins through (if you're impatient like me), and it's excellent. He is less well-known but better respected than Jonathon Ross for hardcore film fans.
He really bigs up Firefly too. I would say VERY SPOILERY though - he does just hint but you coul work out the basics and he gives away a major plotline.
Yep, absolutely cracking review - I'm listening now. Also very spoilery, although he tries not to give away details, but in contorting round them he is still giving away a fair bit.
Mark Kermode is one of the only three sources I'll ever believe for film reviews, and although we sometimes disagree (Mr & Mrs Smith) I'm always pleased when he likes the films I like. Don't miss the bit at the end when he goes off on his usual rant, this time about Ragtrade then to reveal what his Movie of the Week is. It is a bit spoilery but I've read worse.
Ooh that is a very good review again, it won't convince the great unwashed to go along (because they won't have listened) but it's still a very to hear. Sometimes Kermode annoys me but he's bought himself a lot of leeway with me after this.

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