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October 07 2005

Once More, With Feeling Live! No really, here in San Francisco, by a group called CounterPulse, for two weekends. Tickets are $15-20.

"A live performance of a musical episode of the now defunct TV show that aired in its 6th season. Buffy and the “Scoobies” find themselves breaking out into songs and baring their deepest secrets, all the while fighting vampires and demons in the quaint suburb of Sunnydale. Actors, dancers, and a live band. And it is no coincidence that this show will be around Halloween. We encourage costumes."

Oh I would love to see that! Although I wonder how it would work without the 'previously on Buffy' recap filling you in on relationships.... But it would be fun to see on stage with some good singers & dancers.
This sounds great. I would love to go to something like this.
Oh how I would love to be able to go to this!! Embers, I think that most likely the audience is going to be filled with fans who already know what the "previously on Buffy" recaps are!!
It would be fun if they did a previously on Buffy recap as part of the show...
It would be fun if they did a previously on Buffy recap as part of the show...

Head explodes as I try to think how actors on stage would do a Buffy recap on stage.
IIRC, this ain't the first time it's been staged, having been presented (but not for pay) at a previous GenCon, or DragonCon... one of those cons anyway.
Will it include Parking Ticket Lady and Mustard Guy?
Ummm, if FOX finds out about this they will want their cut.
What fun! I hope it goes on tour.
I wonder who they could possibly get to play Spike. I don't think anyone could ever play him other than James marsters. You can't buy cheekbones that good.
I tried to get the rights to do this 2-3 years ago at a local theater in Seattle, but Fox and/or Mutant Enemy never got back to me. I'm glad to see that someone else got the rights... hopefully.
There was a live performance at Dragon*Con that was pretty good. I don't know if it's the same people or not.
Damn! I wish I lived in SF.
Wow, that sounds like heaps of fun! I'd love to go to that kind of thing.
Simon, stranger and more complex things have been done on stage, often to great comic effect...but it takes some very talented people to put it together and make it work. (Sigh) I do love live theater when done well. ;-)
I'm SO going to this!
A student group did this at Emerson College in Boston a few years back... I wasn't able to see it, but, I know they didn't charge to get around the issue of purchasing the rights to the music and the script. Fox will for sure have their heads (or a large sum of the profits... if they aren't sued.)
I have been contacted multiple times about the rights to this via, and I'd be really interested to find out how they got them, just so I have an answer for all the people who ask me.

To my knowledge, the first ever live-ish performance of OMWF was a semi-staged singalong I staged at PBP 2002. It was very fly-by-the-seat-of-our-pants but we had a blast.

Also, unfortunately, even if people don't charge, they are technically violating copyright if they don't purchase the rights. It's a PITA.
This sounds like so much fun! I wish I could go!!
My friend found this performance out a few days ago, and I agreed to go with him. It's going to be interesting. We made (affectionate) fun of OMwF by hoping all the actors are trained singers. (Though SMG's voice wasn't the strongest, her acting more than made up for it, so I'm being affectionate.)

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