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October 07 2005

Tonight's Firefly episode on SciFi - 'Trash'. Two words. Naked Mal. Anyhow this is the first of the unaired Fox episodes and it's written by Mr 'Smile Time' himself, Ben Edlund and Jose Molina (Dark Angel).

Though it could be the second or third unaired episode in terms of original running order, really not sure.

I read ages ago on that in the original script, it was a Beatles album Mal and co had to retrieve but apparently it cost too much for the cover rights so alas it wasn't to be.

Anyhow the Cinefastique commentary from Whedon and Minear.

Who among us didn’t want to see more of Saffron? She was delightful. Between her and Mal’s butt, we knew that this was landmark television. It was another sort of heist episode and was fun with a lot of things to play. It really was probably the lightest episode we did. The scene between Mal and Inara at the beginning is just hilarious. Really an opportunity to play around with everybody more than anything else. Obviously we always like to hit a few issues and I was interested in Saffron’s psychosis and I liked breaking it down like that and seeing what was behind it. It doesn’t mean you catch her, it doesn’t mean you win, but her interplay with Mal speaks a lot about both of them. It just came out fun.

Ben Edlund again. The return of Saffron and another hilarious heist. That was tricky, because Ben got to sit down and write this character that Joss had created that was very beloved on the “Our Mrs. Reynolds” episode and I thought he did a great job. One of the fun things about this episode was Serenity coming up under this trash bin in this floating city. It’s kind of sad that the episode didn’t actually air on television, because that floating city over the ocean was just not something you see on TV every day.

Don't know about you guys, but I'm heading out to see the movie.
MMMmmm, Naked Mal.
Movie time tonight! (7th time and bringing three others)
Yep, I'm going out tonight for my third helping of BDM!
This was my very first episode where I got into Inara. She had been my least favorite character, but when she sat there holding a gun on Saffron, with that little veil protecting her delicate skin...who wouldn't love that?
I'll be watching tonight, even though I have the DVDs I just love seeing 'Firefly' on the Sci-fi channel.
I know I've probably asked this before, but are the Mal or Book "Here's how it was" intros included at the start of the Firefly episodes shown on Sci-Fi in the States? We get them here in the UK on our Sci Fi channel. I do wish they had been included on the DVD.
yea, in the states we get the Heres how it was intro and i thought that was awesome, i was like "Not FAIR!"...that should have been done when Firefly originally aired....then again everything was out of order then.
I wonder how often the crew would have ran into Saffron, would it have been a once a twice a season thing similar to Ethan Rayne in the first 4 seasons of Buffy, or did the police get her out of that trash box and slam her in a jail cell, or would they have eventually come up with some reason for her to join the crew.
Thanks ChosenOne5376. Regarding Saffron, I think she came back too soon into the show. She's a great character but had Firefly not been cancelled, maybe a re-appearance in season two would have been better.
Looking forward to this tonight. Already saw the movie today (for my 5th time). Sad to say, the attendance in my theater was less than half what it had been last weekend for the same showtime. But I will be seeing it again this weekend. In the meantime, I'll put on some "Trash." (And I think I have agreed once before with Simon about Saffron's too early re-appearance. But I like this episode, anyway.)
I'll always rememeber "Trash " as being the episode that Fox Latin AMerica showed between the two parts of "Serenity" (The Pilot). Until that point they followed very closely the messed up sequence created by Fox US. And I was really surprised to see them broadcasting it.

Kidding. I do have fond memories of that time, and it was pretty much about the time I just joined whedonesque. I was already very familiar with the episode, having watched it on my computer a few weeks before, so I was delighted to be able to watch on the TV.

About those intros, they were all showed over here. Funny is that as I edited my tapes to the production order of the episodes, created some mix between episodes with the Mal's intro and episodes with Book's intro.

There are just some really delightful moments from this episode. From Naked Mal entering the ship like nothing has happenned, and that everything has gone the way he planned. Inara trapping Saffron in the trash bin was a classic moment.

But this episode also reminds me about sad things, because it means that we're to the end of the seried.

No movie yet over here. But I'm very positive now. Just saw a poster in a theater, I even froze in front of it for like a whole minute. It must've been freaky for people wathing my little moment of contemplation. Well, wishing for a better weekend box office.
I'm going to the movie tomorrow, rather than tonight. I'll make up for it buy going more than once or buying extra tickets.
killinj, if you do buy extra tickets, don't just waste them on nobody. Give them away; I'm sure a lot of people will be happy to go see a movie if they can get free tickets. Because we don't just want to buy as many tickets as we can for Serenity, we want to get people to like the movie so that the word can be spread.
Sure, if there's anyone around who looks like they're still deciding what to go see, where the situation would naturally lend itself to giving them away. However, I'm not the type who's really comfortable walking up to strangers and I'd feel weird if I had to stand around too long staking the place out for people to give them to. I've already told everyone I know to go see it and dragged a few to it last weekend.
Heh, to be kinder to Jose Molina, I'd put "Ariel" as his main credit instead of Dark Angel.

I wouldn't have wanted Saffron to become a part of the crew. We don't need another Spike in Whedon's work. Once or twice a season of Saffron would've been very cool though.

One of my favorite "Trash" lines is a pretty basic laugh.
"You can't keep me in here--I have a condition!"

I like "Trash" because it's the epitome of what I like in filler episodes--fun, well-shot, well-written story with some of the continuity touched on (Jayne vs. Simon & River conflict/resolution?) and maybe some insight into some of the characters (Simon, Mal, Saffron).
Took a friend today (his 2nd viewing, my 3rd), and sent the AICN link to the 9 minute clip to about 30 people, urging them to watch it, go see the movie, bring their friends and family, and go early and often.

Decent turnout at the 1 am matinee in Arlington, Virginia...better even than the 1:40 last Friday that phlebottinin and I attended in DC.
Regarding Saffron, I think she came back too soon into the show.

Hmm. I've always thought Joss's shows haven't used their interesting guest characters often enough.
Heheh, they put a giant blur spot over Mal's butt.
Dark Shape, that can only enhance the DVD sales. ;)
And yet, does anybody notice he *doesn't* have the series scars that he sports in 'Serenity'?
killinj, make a cover story: tell them some of your friends didn't show and that you're willing to give them away. They'll thank you for your generosity, and you've got new potential fnas!
OH NO! Sci-fi channel blurred out Mal's butt! LOL
I thought cable channels allowed MORE than networks?! I enjoyed seeing the episode again, just as I knew I would. But I was disappointed that there was no ad for 'Serenity' during the show.
For the benefit of those who specifically tuned into to see Mal's butt, I offer this pic (obviously not safe for work).
Ours didn't have the preview this week; my daughter and I were disappointed about the blurry butt-crack, but we have the DVDs, so we've seen it. [singsong] But we peeked at Simon's photo anyway! [/singsong]

[ edited by brownishcoat on 2005-10-08 03:14 ]
Simon, I have a few female friends who will get a copy of that shot of Mal, and I am certain this will spur some new attendance this weekend!
They blurred Mal's butt? The shame! Oh my god, that's so hilarious.
Bah, the Sci-Fi Network has no balls and as a result, no butt.
Kris, you are so right! The whole "I have a condition" line is just priceless. This episode made me fall in love with Inara. Saffron twice a season would have been nice. Firefly's own Ethan indeed.
Not only was there no trailer, but no clips either. You'd think since it's in the theaters that they would have continued that. Much disappointment.
Hee - thanks for my new wallpaper Simon! Can't wait to see what my hubby has to say about this one!!

I loved this episode and I loved Saffron in it. I think we wouldn't have seen her again for awhile though if the show had gone on - like maybe at least another season before she showed up again.

And yes, boo hiss to sci-fi for blurring his butt! Is it because it is on at 7 PM that they are doing these editing things?

And I went to see Serenity again tonight with my two girls and my daughter's friend who hadn't seen the show nor the movie before and she absolutely loved it and thought it was the best movie she had ever seen. She's 16.

Last week we went to the 9:30 show and this week it was the 7:00 show and both audiences only had about 35 people in it. Last week's audience was much more attentive while this week we had a few groups of people talking (Book would so frown upon that behavior)! The audience seemed to be mostly people above the age of 20 up to around the 40's and there was one group of three teenage boys and a couple of kids with their dad. I'm wondering if Universal should have let this be an 'R' rated film and just targeted the older, mature crowd because both shows I went to seemed to be people around my age (41). The three boys sat in front of us and they were a little unruly and I tried hard not to say anything because I didn't want to give them anything to gripe about but then they started throwing popcorn so I just gave them a polite but firm "Stop doing that please" and they quickly settled down. They seemed to like the movie but they were also distracted a lot by talking to each other and passing the candy back and forth. They seemed a bit confused at times but seemed to know who all the characters were so I think they were familiar with the show.

It's hard for me to judge if they liked it or not because my kids have always sat very attentive to a movie when we've gone out with them so I don't know if that was normal behavior for kids or not, especially boys.

And last week there was a lot of clapping and this week when I clapped no one else did. There was a group of people other than us who sat through the very end of the credits and it seemed like they were waiting for the theme song too. Stupid theater cut it off before it finished!
I thought there might be a bit more naked Mal in the scene where he got out of bed with that low, low trouser ensemble on. Then pushed it lower as he walked to the TV screen! But no. Still, it rivetted me!

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