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October 07 2005

Angel - Complete DVD (R2) Collection. Finally the perfect companion to that Buffy ultimate collectors edition dvd set!

We knew it was going to happen sooner or later, Is it me or has foxed upped the milking of the proverbial cash cow that is the Buffyverse recently? Like the artwork on the box though…less is more.

oh i thought this was region one, i got excited.
I was ready to be mad about this, as I just finished my Angel collection this week (ebay and amazon sales are my friend).

But I know, being mad isn't the way, especially when I know that when that comes out over here, I'll be there.
With you, ChosenOne5376....totally.
I am another R1-er who has just had his little dreams of maybe actually buying seasons 2 through 5 some time during his life completely shattered.
Oh, I've bought them, and multiple copies, but at silly prices, and I totally understand, wife insists on having a pristine, virgin copy of all episodes at all times, regardless of the loans that are out there....
You do not know how long I have been wanting to get the Angel season sets...I have all seven seasons of Buffy, and the Firefly set...but only S1 of Angel.

I keep meaning to pick them up, but I keep finding little things to buy on the side.

Maybe if I hadn't have bought the Beatles shirt, the Pac-Man shirt, the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory shirt, the Queen CD, or the first season of The West Wing (I know, I know, but it was very very cheap!!! Only reason I bought it before Angel...) tonight, I'd be able to afford it by now...
UnpluggedCrazy, feel no shame for buying West Wing before Angel! Personally, I think Aaron Sorkin is one of the VERY few who can compete with Joss, in terms of writing ability. And West Wing S1 is classic. Personally, West Wing S1-4 is ranked as my #2 favourite show after a #1 tie with Buffy and Firefly.
Im really confused with all this. On amazon UK theres the BTVS Complete DVD Collection. On Amazon US theres the Chosen Collection. Are they the same thing? Or which is better?

Theres also this angel set which looks cool, but is it in the same line as the BTVS Complete DVD Collection or the Chosen Collection? Or will we get another Angel set in amazon US that is like the Chosen set. Im very confused. Help!
UnpluggedCrazy, feel no shame for buying West Wing before Angel! Personally, I think Aaron Sorkin is one of the VERY few who can compete with Joss, in terms of writing ability.

I agree. Aaron Sorkin is a god. Aaron Sorkin-era West Wing is some of the best work that's ever been onscreen. Of course, I did buy S1-5 of Angel before I starting collecting The West Wing... ;)
Not that it isn't a nice reminder to get it, since some may have forgotten, but it was already posted months ago and I have had it on preorder since then.
What's with the 18-rating? The Buffy collection is rated 15 at, and I can't recall anything in Angel that is 'worse' for teenagers than some of the Buffy episodes.
At a rough guess I reckon it would be for 'Damage'. If any UKers have the Angel season 5 DVD they could check and see.
The 18 rating is for the torture scene in Five by Five according to the BBFC site. Surprisingly not for the scene where Rebecca Lowell is forced by Angel into drinking blood.
I was thinking the Lowell blood drinking too. That was pretty shocking(not in a bad way), I didnt think the torture scene was bad at all! You never see her do anything to Wesley.
Oh and is there going to be an Angel Collection released in US amazon? To go with the Chosen collection?
Yea!! I own all of Buffy and Angel, and I am still planning on getting both collector's sets... BUT what I really want is a full on Buffy & Angel collector's set that plays the two series together in the order they were aired. *crosses fingers*
I have the Region 2 versions of the individual boxsets, Firefly is a 12, Buffy are all 15, as is Angel seasons two to five, and Angel season one is an 18. To be honest, I don't think anything in season one of Angel was much more graphic or disturbing than every other season of a Jossverse show, but there you have it.

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