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October 07 2005

Buffy - The Chosen Collection at $129.99 Originally listed at the unbelievably low price of $139.99, Amazon has dropped the price another $10. That's $70 off the list price.

If you previously pre-ordered at the $139.99 price, you'll need to cancel that order and reorder to get the $129.99 price.

Thanks for the notice miss_emelia.
At this rate, despite the exchange rate, it might be way more worth pre-ordering off of than buying from the more local Hmm...
Is it just me, or does this read like spam?
I said this on the "Angel - Complete DVD Collection" thread but is this a better version than the "BTVS Complete DVD collection" on Amazon UK? or is it pretty much the same?

And will there be an Angel set to go with this one? or is the one thats out on Amazon UK it?
It comes with an extra disc full of never before seen special features.

Check for list of new extras!!!
ok so this version is better? thanks by the way!
This was changed quite a while ago, actually. And you don't have cancel and reorder either--I just sent Amazon a mail, and they changed the price in my original order.
It lists the box at $169.99, not $129.99 when I click that link.
It's been raised again, but those who ordered it at $139 or $129 will get it at that price.
Now it looks as if the Chosen Collection never existed at Amazon. Gone, completely gone.
Does anyone know what happened to this set? I added it to my wedding registry :) but now there's a notice saying, "This product has been discontinued." What's the sitch?

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