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October 08 2005

The Force.Net suggests readers see "Serenity". When one of the biggest "Star Wars" fan sites pays tribute to another SF movie, well, I can't remember the last time it happened.

Any and all publicity is good. This is a recommendation for both the film and the series directly to "Star Wars" fans - who might have been put off by the number of reviews of "Serenity" that dissed Star Wars... or even the ones that compared them favourably.

I think UIP putting the opening nine minutes of Serenity online is such a great idea. Now I've seen an article for it on The and and I myself have posted the link on a Battlestar Galactica and Stargate SG1 message board. I think it is a good idea to post this link on as many boards as we can.

You can't stop the signal (I never thought I'd use that as a quote).
You know, I didn't get it when they put up the first 9 minutes, I didn't understand why. Now it is clear! How better to draw people in to see the movie, than to let them see the beginning of the movie (fiendishly clever plan)? I hope the 'Star Wars' community does come out to see 'Serenity' because inspite of the lack of aliens and lazar weapons, it is still the kind of world we original saw with the high adventure and even higher concept imagination.
Putting up the first 9 or 10 minutes for a movie seems to be more and more common these days. Strange that it was left upto UIP to do it and not Universal.
I tried to post this as a story and it got removed, not sure why. But the first 9 minutes of Serenity is now available in streaming Windows Media, QuickTime and Real Player formats.
Because we had an epic thread about it two days ago. That and I'm trying to get the front page relatively back to normal in terms of items being posted.
Thanks for the response Simon. I understand.
This recommendation is great news, indeed, and it should get a few more future Browncoats into the theater.

However, this is in no way a "cross-over" recommendation. the obsessed net-surfing and film researching movie fan is a very small esoteric portion of the film-going public. This posting equates to CHUD or AICN saying "go see it". Uni and we Browncoats will exhaust this supply of potential viewers very soon if we haven't already. What needs to be discussed further now is how do we appeal to, for example, Jodie Foster fans? Lost fans? Desperate Housewives fans? CSI folk? and the fans of whatever film is announced as number one at the box office come Monday. How do we promote Serenity to Oprah or Mon Night Football watchers?

I've noticed that the TV ads have dropped off considerably and Universal's marketers have only altered the ads to include "two thumbs up" quotes, etc. (which is great, but...) There are so many exploitable elements to the film that could be tailored to TV ads in specific markets.

All of this comes back to the word-of-mouth approach. Not to slam Uni or anything, but it looks like it's up to us–the fans– as it always has been. W-o-m will make or break this franchise on the big screen. Of course the DVD sales will be fantastic but that will help us later. Right now we must redouble our efforts and take the best advantage of the 2,188 u.s. screens the film is presently showing upon.

Stay Shiny. And hold. YOU HOLD!!
But Simon! Having it in those formats is huge news!

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