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October 08 2005

(SPOILER) First 9 mins. of 'Serenity' also available at iFilm. If the UIP International/Vividas site has been giving you (or those you hope to seduce) any trouble, this is the link.

This is great, but now I want the NEXT 9 minutes. ;)
Well then may I suggest a drive to your nearest cineplex?

I'm leaving for a screening in a few minutes myself.
gurglesnap - he might not live in a country where it is released yet.
Nah, I'm in Toronto. It's here and I've seen it 4 times but I'm officially broke now. I'll go see it again in about 2 weeks.
Warning, spyware included. I recommend you don't download.
Thanks for the warning Madhatter. Spyware is a reason I do very little downloading.
(right-click, save as)

you can also try this url for direct viewing in windows media format (won't save without special software though)

Torrents to post elsewhere, forums, etc:
Windows Media - Serenity 9 minutes torrent
Quicktime - Serenity 9 minutes torrent

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Brilliant, TLO. Thanks for QT link.
I deleted this link yesterday but it can stay (so apologies to Zoic_Fan). The front page seems to be getting back to normal.
I love this movie but if the name of Joss Whedon meant nothing to me, I would not see the movie based on the first 9 minutes. Far too much violence for my taste. I will however make use of the download once I get to my fast connection at work.
I linked to the previous version of the clip on another message board and four people said that based on that they'd go - two went yesterday and another two are going this week. Only one had planned to go anyway, but says now that she'll go and see it before Pride and Prejudice.
Madhatter: Spyware? Where? At iFilm? I don't think so. I guess you read that about the original posting of the 9 minutes by Vividias.
TaraLivesOn: Thank you! How did you figure out the direct link?

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