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October 09 2005

Serenity and cast top IMDB MovieMeter and StarMeters. IMDB's professional (subscription) tracking services tell you how many hits movies and actors are getting. Serenity has sat at #1 for MovieMeter for over 2 weeks now, and now the cast are getting in on the action - Summer is the #1 viewed actress on IMDB, Nathan at #4. Full stats follow.

Jewel - 13
Morena - 19
Adam - 22
Gina - 29
Alan - 31
Sean - 78
Ron - 192

Amid all the doom (should that be Doom?) and gloom, I thought it'd be nice to give some perspective from the actors point of view here. They are getting a lot of online attention, it appears, and I really hope this translates to work for them - they all deserve it.

And Joss himself is at 57
Heh, I know what they mean, but I just read that sentence as "Summer is the #1 viewed actress, Nathan the #4 viewed actress." Simple amusement this morning...
Nathan does like to dress up and sing... Or so I heard.
I can't stand this website for the reason that people say the most offensive things on those discussion boards.
Yuhu, I'm with you on that MySerenity. It is plagued by trolls, or just general idiots.

IMDB is, however, *THE* movie industry website. Everybody in the industry knows about it, or uses it. The fact Nathan is at Number 4 tends to suggests good things for him - if you are a Professional member you get agency contact details and such, he'll be getting some offers from this.
No, definitely. This news is terrific for all of our BDHs, it just kills me to read some of the things people write. You would think they would have some sort of moderator system or something.
iMDB has moderators, because I do occasionally see "This post has been removed by an administrator" on the message boards. I think they're more reactive than proactive, however.

Wrenching this back on topic, I'd say Summer's front page placement is helping her buzz quite a bit. Also, the fact that it looks like she's topless in that photo.
Actually IMDB is not used as much by the industry as you think -gossi - mostly it is used by casting directors to verify things like age. Since they cannot ask age of an person auditioning for a part they go out to IMDB if the birthdate is listed, which is typically submitted by someone not connected to the actor or their management, then they exclude the person from potential future auditions without having to give a reason. Some actors, for that very reason, would like the site shut down or tighter controls put on it because anyone can add information to it and once the info is added it is difficult to get removed. It has become one of the most unreliable sites on the net in the past few years. Along with others in Hollywood who mis-trust IMDB's info. I have heard this from actors, directors, and producers. As for the contact info, of agents and such - most of that changes and never gets updated on IMDB - I had the pro IMDB for a while checking on ators availible for conventions and 50% of the agents contacted no longer rep the person IMDB said the did.

[ edited by RavenU on 2005-10-09 16:43 ]
Curious, RavenU - never knew that.
I learned that from talking about imdb to different people in the industry. It's kinda an open dirty secret of casting directors especially when it comes to casting an age type, especially women. The unions having been fighting for control of imdb for a few years but they have not been able to as of yet, one problem is it is not have a US base, even though it is technically now owned by amazon it functions as a seperate company outside of the US.
Interesting, I still see Jessica Alba being the first. How come you have new information and I don't?
Serenity is also up to 111 on Imdb's Top 250 Films. Bicycle Thieves, Yojimbo and The Princess Bride made way. It does seem hugely positive that increasing numbers of votes are sending it closer to The Godfather and further away from Santa with Muscles.
I can't stand this website for the reason that people say the most offensive things on those discussion boards.

I totally agree! Its SOO incredibely hostile there. I post everynow and then but I dont think theres been one time there hasnt been sweaing on one thread. Then they get personal and have feuds. Its TERRIBLE.

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