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October 09 2005

Wanna Be a Vengeance Demon? Now you can buy a prop replica of Anya's necklace from the episode "The Wish"--a personal favorite of many Buffy fans.

I don't know if this has already been posted. Anyways, it's a very shiny necklace, I might buy one. A good find for anyone who can't afford a new-agey paper-weight.

Wow. That's so pretty. I dont normally drop money for prop replicas, but that's so pretty, I'd probably buy it regardless.
I'm going to buy it- and wish for a Serenity sequel!

Unfortunately it will end up taking me to another dimension where Two guys a girl and a pizza place is still on the air and Serenity now stars Harrison Ford as directed by Steven Spielberg and George Lucas. (and therefore all the characters except for Mal will be replaced by cg) The movie in this dimension will be so awful that it will cause my eyes to bleed.

Also, I'll get eaten by a vampire.
Good one, nna_funk. I just want to D'Hoffryn currently accepting applications?
Oh, electricspacegirl, I'm with you there.

Is he? Lol.

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