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October 10 2005

Nice Guy Comic Creator's report from Serenity Premiere. Thrilling report from one very lucky Browncoat. (No spoilers)

Nice Guy has recently done a special Serenity comic, and is one of the biggest Firefly/Serenity supporters among webcomics.

Wow, that was so great. Pretty moving.

Really captures how I felt getting to see the movie before its release, after having watched these characters on, as he says, "too few Friday nights." This movie meant a lot to me, and to a lot of people, and I'm glad that the Nice Guy creator really managed to show that in his piece.

(However, I still haven't gotten that pilot issue I sent for, Mr. Nice Guy Creator...)
You really feel like you are there. I am somewhat envious, though. ;) There had better be a sequel... so I can go to the premiere this time.

(Unplugged-Maybe you should send him an email?)
The funny thing is, I was there. My face is plain as day just over the crowd in the middle of the picture of all the browncoats watching the red carpet. I never thought I'd see myself on someone elses website. It was right before I went vertigo and fell down too.
GimpyD, that has happened to me too. I got a call from my sister one Monday to say that it looked as though I had had a great time seeing Tony Head the day before at a Con. Turns out I was front and centre in a picture on a website about the con. Good thing I hadn't been skipping work.
I really liked this story. It had almost everything. Love, humour, suspense. Everything but tragedy. Unless you count him not meeting all the BDHs as a tragedy.
Oh, man, Arlo, I am SO sorry this is taking so long! My life has gone absolutely insane the past month, with all the travels, the new job, the training for the new job, the Nice Guy and other site deadlines. And this week is no exception...getting about 5 hours sleep a night, long work hours, rushing home to study (textbooks to read) for this big training thing on Friday. And the problem is that, thanks to the new job, I no longer work next to to the place with our postal box. It's way on the other side of town, and I haven't had the time to get to it!

Listen, if you drop me an e-mail at before I can make it to the postal drop, GIMME YOUR ADDRESS! Which is the thing I need to get for your mailing. I'll be able to make a post office run on my lunch break sometime this week, at least. And either way, for your patience, I'll throw you in a little memento from the premiere. I came home with two cocktail napkins from the after-party, with the Serenity logo and everything. One is yours when I mail your book. Promise, I didn't blow my nose on it or anything. Sorry again about the delays!

And thanks, all, for the kind words about the premiere report. It was hands-down one of the most amazing experiences of my life, a Browncoat's dream come true. Sure hope there's a sequel so I can get a crack at it again. This time I'll actually talk to Jewel when I have the chance instead of missing her at the party (grrrr). :)
And thanks for the post, Jason! I was hoping more people would get to read it and share in the experience. Thanks for making that happen!

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