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October 10 2005

UIP Australia post 2nd weekend figures. "The SERENITY figure for the weekend was $553,957, which is a drop of 47% from the first weekend (and that is a better hold than the US figure). Our cumulative total is now $2,106,211."

Well done Oz browncoats.. Whilst not groundbreaking figures (9th overall) it's still out performing the US on a comparative scale.
School holidays are over here, so that could have an interesting impact on the ranking of the film - it may give it legs to stay in top 10 for a while. Then again, what do I know about box office behaviour.
Way to keep it flying, Oz Browncoats :)
Yea. We Rock!
Zeitgeist, I'm still loving that colour on you. ;-)
It's so noticable too. Does the board look heaps different from that side of it?
Is that in Australian dollars?
(and that is a better hold than the US figure)

Well, actually, no - given the final U.S. figures putting the holds at about the same level.

Is that in Australian dollars?

Yes, Dym, it is.

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