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October 10 2005

Kitchen Confidential Closed? Dark Horizons website reports on picked up shows and those axed. Nicholas Brendon's "Kitchen Confidential" has apparently been axed."Bones" continuing its success as well as Hannigan's "How I Met..."

Ah, boo hiss. "Kitchen Confidential" was really starting to grow on me. That's a drag.
i only saw the first ep and i thought it was uniquely good.
Is it being replaced with Dancing Cooking Monkies?
yea brendon deserves success. I think he's a better actor than Boreanaz.
It would be in line with Fox's 'vision' if it was cancelled as soon as it aired an episode that showed some of its true promise/potential. Nicky was just getting settled in and Bradley was, to my eye, great the whole way through. They were just starting to make with some serious funny, too.

ETA: I believe its CELEBRITY Dancing Cooking Monkies, gossi :) I would like to see this from a different source, too, as neither of the places who have said this have had any source other than industry mumblings.
I don't see anything about this on thefutoncritic or zap2it or tvguide. Are they just repeating the rumor from last week? They list their source as..themselves. I'm going to wait for one of the major sites to confirm it. I hope it stays on. The last episode was the best. Very nice show.

And on a totally unrelated side note; I just saw that Supernatural was picked up for the season. Thats great. I can't believe I got into this show but Jensen Ackles can't be resisted.
I haven't seen anything about KC being axed either, so I've qualified the subject line to reflect this.
Well there hasn't been a n official statement yet.

Even for Balfour's "Sex, Love and Secrets", there wasn't an statement about cancelling the series, only UPN halting the production, which of course is like more than half-way through to an iminent cancelation.

Last week or maybe the one before, Fox did a lot of Buzz about Vartan's appearance in the series, in one of the upcoming episodes. I don't think they would've gone to the trouble attempting to improve the ratings, only to simply announce a cancelation in the following week, way before the episode is even shown. Hopefully this won't be confirmed, just yet, and they'll wait for the results from November Sweeps (when the show'll be back after this brief break), for final decision. If KC is canceled, it does not bare well for such shows as Arrested Development, as I've heard hasn't been getting great results this season.
Fox loves to dump its kittens in a gunnysack and drown 'em in the crick. Instant returns are the networks want. Wonderfalls only aired four episodes before it hit the chopping block.

As to a network being unlikely to make a big deal about the show, only to announce cancellation right afterwards ... the 100th episode of Angel had a big ole party. Whoo, 100th episode, February 4th. February 13th, it gets the axe.

I wish Nick Brendon a lot of success. Maybe Unholy will take off.
Hopefully it is just a bad rumor.. Love Nick and wish him the best.
I don't think it's been cancelled (yet anyway). It and Arrested Development are off the schedule until after the baseball playoffs, so maybe that has led to some confusion.
I'm waiting until I hear it officially, but I already had signed the petition:

The third episode has really sold me.
From posted last week;

Despite what you may have heard, Kitchen Confidential has not been "yanked." We checked with Nick's publicist, who checked with Fox, and that's the word from the network.

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Fox is broadcasting the Baseball Playoffs and many of its shows have been put on hiatus until the season ends - that includes shows like Arrested Development, Kitchen Confidential, Bones and House.

BTW, Joss said somewhere that besides Veronica Mars, he really likes House too. :)
Okay, this article mentions that "Greetings From Tucson" got a full first-season pick-up. Yeah, three years ago. The show aired from 2002-2003.

So far this season, only "Head Cases" and "Just Legal" have been cancelled. I do expect quite a few others (including KC) to be cancelled pretty soon, but not quite yet.
Hah Invisible Green. I was wondering why that Tucson show didn't look familiar.
I'm sorry, y'all, but am I the only one who thinks KC kinda, uh, sucks? Cast is great. Deserves much better, really. The show has no clue what it wants to be. It tries to sell "touching" story lines while not developing characters to back them up. Honestly, it just stinks of cancellation. Wonderfalls, on the other hand, was a gem in line with so many other hasty Fox cancellations (eh hem). I have a good friend who works on KC, and I'd love for it to do well so that he could be employed, but I also think that if a show can't settle in style-wise after three episodes, it, from a business standpoint, is not a horse to back. Now Arrested Development, that's a winning horse, even if it's running a race all alone...on the backlot at the track...
I've been enjoying Kithchen Confidential. Nicky seems seriously underutilized, but it strikes me as a show that's growing into something good. Hopefully this rumor is false and Fox will give it a chance to blossom. *Falls over, laughing hysterically at the idea of Fox giving a show a chance* Hey, it could happen.
I'm sorry, y'all, but am I the only one who thinks KC kinda, uh, sucks?

Nope. For a show that had much potential (great source material, good cast), the show has never been able to be more than a rehash of typical sitcom plots and cliches, but set in a restaurant kitchen. The series isn't particularly entertaining.

ow Arrested Development, that's a winning horse, even if it's running a race all alone...on the backlot at the track...

Yes. Yes it is. And the 2nd Season DVD comes out tomorrow: Arrested Development, Season 2.
Kitchen Confidential has intrigued me enough to keep tuning in to see where they go with the characters/premise. But, basically, I believe any sitcom without a laugh track should be supported for that reason alone. I HATE laugh tracks. This is why Ally's new show (How I Met Your Mother) annoys me while Nick's new show (KC) still holds my interest. I do enjoy the character Ally plays in her show (kind of in the vein of a Kaylee character, wouldn't you say? innocent and highly sexual?)
"I'm sorry, y'all, but am I the only one who thinks KC kinda, uh, sucks?"

I'm enjoying it. I don't watch many sitcoms at all, but I enjoy this and AD. I think they're a good pair to match up together.
I like KC. It isn't as brilliant as Arrested Development or My Name is Earl, but it is getting funnier with each new episode.
I've been really enjoying KC as well. I've seen a few people here mention that it's not funny, but it makes me chuckle, and downright laugh at loud, frequently. I also think the show just keeps getting better.

But what the hell do I know? Last week I responded to Firefly Flanatic's suspicion on about KC being canceled quickly. I thought FOX would stand by KC longer than normal. Huh.
I'm really enjoying this show and this seems like just another rumor so until I hear for sure I'll be planning on watching it. This last episode had many laugh out loud moments and the show just seems to be getting better and better.
As far as I know, it's still not cancelled -- Nick's people haven't told me otherwise. The show's just off due to baseball. I'm assuming they got this from the since-corrected Times article.
The show has no clue what it wants to be.

I think they know exactly what they want it to be. Showing the new life of Jack Bourdain and his relationship with the kitchen. The first episode was the introduction (not well done IMO). The second episode was about his friend who is kind of criminal, and who does stuff (for Jack) that is dubious. The third episode was about the hiarchy in the kitchen. Jack establishes his style of leading his kitchen, 'crap runs downhill'. The boss, Jack, faces his superior chef, his mentor of the past. It has multiple arclines woven; but they all to support Jack Bourdain's arc.
What? When did that happen? I thought it had done pretty well.

Edit: That's what I thought. It was a false rumor. It's still there. I would have been very cross if it were to be canceled cause it's the only 30 minute show I can stand.

[ edited by Djungelurban on 2005-10-10 21:31 ]
Aww, this show made me laugh too. Not many on tv lately do.
The third epsiode was really awesome.
All shows kinda suck the first year. (Except Lost and Veronica Mars)
Love Nick but just can't get into the show, I think he's wasted in the role. Regarding Aly and her character...I wouldn't call her "innocent", part of Aly's charm (to say nothing of her acting ability) is her way of saying and doing things on TV that if any other actress would attempt, the censors would scream, "porn, porn". She plays her role much as her character in the American pie movies. I love her character and I think the show, while a bit "dumbed-down" at times is funny enough to last awhile.
I love KC, and I really hope it stays on the air.
I hate KC. With that said, I am sorry for Nick. He deserves to be in a hit.
Personally, I prefer Kitchen Confidential to How I Met Your Mother. Although I'm a big fan of both Alyson Hannigan and Neil Patrick Harris, the show feels like Friends-lite (and I don't even like Friends). Kitchen Confidential is certainly not on par with Arrested Development, but the show is still very entertaining.
So far this season, only "Head Cases" and "Just Legal" have been cancelled. I do expect quite a few others (including KC) to be cancelled pretty soon, but not quite yet.

Actually, Invisible Green, that's not entirely true. In additon to "Head Cases" and Just Legal," the series "Inconceivable" (which conceivably, no one watched on NBC) has also been cancelled. Production was halted on the before-mentioned "Sex, Lies, and Secrets" and mid-season replacement "Thick and Thin" has had its order slashed from 13 episodes to 6. Which is a good thing. I've seen that pilot and it's certainly "thin" on humor...
Yeah, shadowmagik. I didn't read about that until after I posted my earlier comment, otherwise I would've mentioned it.

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