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"This is the crappiest sacrificial dagger I've ever seen."
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October 10 2005

It's a rotter's life outside the Buffy zone. Anthony Stewart Head talks about the new play he is starring in, 'Otherwise Engaged'.

Tony Head is a bloody nice bloke. This was a lovely interview.
Aww, no ASH porn. Seriously, that man is 10 kinds of sexy...maybe even 11.

And I kinda crushed on him when he was the Taster's Choice(Gold Blend) commercials...
Rogue Slayer - right there with you on the commecials, I don't think they showed the whole set of them in the US though.

I think that his character in Manchild probably had something to do with people wanting to cast him as kind of a cad. Speaking of... what exactly happened with that show?
I had no idea that the "One Night in Bangkok" singer was his older brother. Small world.

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