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October 10 2005

James Marsters wants to be Dresden in "The Dresden Files", a pilot for Sci-fi channel. On his site they are asking his fans to contact the producers, now that the project has been greenlighted. He has brought the character to life in the audiobooks and he is the 1st choice of the author Jim Butcher.

What a perfect roll for James! I hope he gets it! I'll do my part!
I don't know much about Butcher's novels. But what I've read about the main character reminds me of Clive Barker's Harry D'Amour or John Constantine (my socks can out act Keanu Reeves).

The more supernatural detectives on the telly, the better.
/starts saving up to help finance the Simon's Saucy Socks remake of Constantine. Would be very cool to see this happen (when I started typing I meant the Dresden pilot, but now...), though I know nothing of Butcher's books.
Some time ago I remember ASH saying that he knew he wasn't going to be considered for Dr Who because he was the number one choice on a viewers poll. Since then I've wondered if network types put any thought into going against the grain.
I don't know much about Butcher's novels. But what I've read about the main character reminds me of Clive Barker's Harry D'Amour or John Constantine (my socks can out act Keanu Reeves).

Heheh poor Keanu, he does try so hard. And from what I know Dresden is indeed a more benign LA-based version of John Constantine. I certainly wouldn't mind seeing James in a show like that either. Providing they make it good of course and not turn it into just another watered down Nightstalker/X-Files rip off.

starts saving up to help finance the Simon's Saucy Socks remake of Constantine

Hmm, "Zeitgeist productions present Simon's Socks. Starring in: Constantine II, To Hell in a Laundrybasket!!"

*Crickets chirping*

What!? Come on, 'laundrybasket'! That's good stuff!
....That's still funny, sweetie....

And I say 'yay' to James as Dresden. I haven't finished listening to the audio books I have, but what I've heard sounds like he'd be perfect for it.
Wow! I searched the archives and I didn't find this here, but I know that has been on JM's homepage for about two weeks now.

I'm not sure how this sort of thing looks to industry folks and casting directors. I know Halle Berry asked her fans on her website to help her lobby for more screen time in the next X-Men movie and I thought it made her look like she was coming from a position of weakness. I don't think that's an image and Oscar Award winning actress should put forth. Certainly, there's nothing wrong with garnering fan support, but there are less overt ways to go about getting it than posting a message on your website asking fans to campaign for you.

On the other hand, having Firefly fans campaign certainly helped in the case of getting the Serenity movie.

It just seems to be one of those things where, if your not careful, it could work against you.

I wish the website looked more polished and took into consideration that it is more than just his fans that may be looking at it. Hey Steve, need a web person? Email me! *grin*
That would be fantastic. I recently got the first Dresden Files book, and did enjoy it. If any of you have read anytihng by Glen Cook, (series with the names of various metals in the titles) it reminded me of those books.
I've got all of the Dresden Files (sans the one in hardback, I'm cheap and pressed for space). I'd go with maybe 20% d'Amour, 60% Constantine, and 20% Merlin.

The series reminds me of a Chicago-y version of the St. Louis-based Anita Blake books (with a lot less sex) in that every time he extricates himself from one situation, he winds up making compromises and deals that place him in another situation.

I think Marsters could make a go of it. He can certainly pull off the tough-guy thing and the bits of humor there.

Isn't Sci Fi working on another offbeat detective series based on Anonymous Rex? What's next, a Mongo novel?
I just finished the latest Dresden novel "Dead Beat" a few months ago and loved it. Harry Dresden is based in Chicago, not LA. Harry's a bit more sadsack than Constantine, and alot funnier. The earlier Dresden books are all available in inexpensive trade paperbacks, well worth the investment for a good, light read. Only this last installment has been in hardcover. The tone of the Dresdenverse is a lot like the Jossverse --- genres colliding, fun and mayhem, apocalypse at every turn, heartbreak, etc. -- it's also a very neatly fleshed out fictional world.

Simon's Socks? Sounds good to me. Is there an IMDB profile yet? Can I start rumors that the Socks are dating Lindsay Lohan? Or filling her bra?

And yeah, JM would make an absolutely loverly Harry.
Have heard several of the audiobooks, and James does a great job with them...he'd be a great choice for the role, as the author of the books has said on more than one occasion! Have sent the requisite emails to the addresses provided, and will keep my fingers crossed as long as possible!
"Socks are dating Lindsay Lohan? Or filling her bra?"

Would the couple then be known as Socksay? Or Slohan? *Sorry, was digging deep there!*

I enjoy the Dresden books and think they'd make a neat series. Harry's character also reminds me of the main characters in the old Alistair MacLean spy novels and movies (Where Eagles Dare, Guns of Navarone, etc). The main guy, always getting the S*%t kicked out of himself, but never giving up. James obviously doesn't quite fit the physical description of Harry, but I think he could probably pull the character off really well.

I would think he'd at least get the chance to audition, since he has done the audio books. I also think it's safe to assume that his manager is well aware of how vocal fans can be - after Angel and Firefly/Serenity and thinks its a good thing.

I emailed Jim Butcher's site awhile back asking about the project (exactly because I saw the mention on JM's site and NOT on Jim Butcher's). They expressed some reservations about writing to the network bigwigs, wasn't sure it was a good idea either. Not sure how I feel on the issue. I'm not a network bigwig, but I think unless I received TONS of mail on a subject, I'd more than likely just say, whatever and not pay attention to it either way.

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I love the books, can't wait for this. Hopefully they won't screw it up.
JM would be a most excellent Harry.

Apparently it starts filming on 19 November so it wont be long before we know.

*fingers crossed*

Slohan has my vote ;)
Marsters has done a nice job with the audiobooks, so I hope he at least gets a chance at the role.
He's just about perfect for it too. I'll be checking out the series either way if it gets picked up.
Really rooting for him to get this. There are rumors going around that he's negotiating another project, but the more the merrier is all I say.

Isn't that Eric Clapton's nickname?

*crickets.. tumbleweed..*
*crickets.. tumbleweed..

I know how you feel. Tough crowd....;-)

Btw I heard some people complain that James is too short since Dresden is described as very tall. Let me point out that Wolverine is supposed to be a short guy, but they got a tall drink of Hugh to play him and that worked out fine.

Isn't that Eric Clapton's nickname?

Hehe, is it wrong that I found that funny? Will I get a tumbleweed in my mouth if I smile too widely?
I dunno. I kinda like "Socksay", which could be "sexy" spoken in a verra verra bad foreign accent. Simon, can your socks speak with a sexy foreign accent? Or at least a better accent than Keanu in Dracula?

Yes, EdDantes, even Jim Butcher has said that the height issue is a non-issue as far as he's concerned. He'd much rather see an actor cast who can bring the character to life. Of course, Hugh Jackman wasn't well-known when he was cast as Wolverine and the fanboys couldn't resist picking that nit. And now? It's hard to imagine anyone who'd be yummier, er I mean, better as Wolvie.

Harry Dresden is a wonderful character and I think Marsters would do a terrific job as Harry.
Oh and for those watching Smallville; "SMALLVILLE, in its second week on Thursday, again established itself as a major player on the night. SMALLVILLE WON ITS TIME PERIOD, RANKING #1 in men 18-34 and was #2, defeating “Joey” and “Will and Grace” on NBC, “Alias” on ABC, “Everybody Hates Chris” on UPN and baseball on Fox, in adults 18-34 (3.0/10), persons 12-34 (2.8/9) and men 12-34 (3.0/11) and was #3 in women 18-34 (2.6/8) and women 12-34 (2.6/8). SMALLVILLE improved its time period over the parallel week last season in all 18-34, 18-49 and 12-34 demos, including +131% in adults 18-34, +86% in adults 18-49 and +115% in persons 12-34, as well as +87% in total viewers (5.9 million)."
killinj, I had a similar reaction when I first saw the link. I don't know... it seems a tad unprofessional to me. I'd much rather have James land a role because he can act, rather than having a herd of obsesso-fans.
Would it be too greedy of me to hope that James can get the Dresden role, the Spike movie and more seasons of Brainiac as well???? Come on....I'm not asking for much, just James on my TV or in the movies for as long as he can do it.......I know I will be right there watching whatever he does...thats for sure.
To echo everyone else, I think James would be great in the role and I also would lobby to have Nicholas Brendan be the voice of the guy/spirit Bob ? who does all the wise cracking. I think they would make a very funny combination and it would be in keeping with the spirit (no pun intended) of the novels. I would also love to see James as Eddie's brother in Desperate Housewives, (a part yet to be written into that show). I think he would be hilarious and could pull off the sly comedy really well. They have had other Buffy actors on the show albeit in small character parts.
While I think JM has the presence for Dresden, my main issue is that he looks nothing like the character. He's not tall nor does he have a hawklike nose. Since his gangliness and unusual looks are mentioned so frequently in the books, I'm afraid the character won't come off right if translated into a small, well-built, goodlooking man. Harry has quite a bit of self-deprecating humour in th ebooks... plus, I just can't see JM in sweats. And does he really want to play another character who defines a large part of himself by his long black duster?
Have you seen his profile. ;0) I love JM and think he's very attractive. But he does have a strange combination of features. I think they work well together, others may disagree.

If Constantine can go from a Liverpudlian living in London to an American in the US, from blonde to dark haired and from multi-layered to Keanue Reeves I can cope with Harry being a bit shorter than in the book. I mean at first they wanted to change his name to Erik. 8-{ Plus I don't know many six and half foot actors who could play Harry as well as JM could.

Crossing fingers, legs and eyes.
Anybody ever read the novel; The Graduate? Benjamin is described as all blond all bod and all ivy all the time and will the real Benjamin stand up as Dustin Hoffman? Writers know and want an actor who understands the characters heart and timing and will drop on the floor gratful when they get it.

James is the authors pick and he wrote it and all the rest is about hoping he found a producer and director that 'gets' his books.

I hope it works out for them both. Can anyone imagine a young Jon Voight playing Ben in The Graduate? No, no, no it had to be Dustin Hoffman.
"Writers know and want an actor who understands the characters heart and timing and will drop on the floor gratful when they get it."

Well said. To me, getting to the heart of the character is much more important than surface characteristics. How long did it take for most people to realize just how UN-tall James really was? (don't even mention the age OR nationality!) So, if anybody can make me think they're a six and half foot tall, gangly, hawknosed dude, it'd be James.

I'm sure if there is a duster involved (while an integral part of Harry, it may be sacrificed in the movie/series, you never know what they writers will decide to keep or get rid of) they'll make sure it isn't a duplicate of Spike's. 'Sides, one would think that by now that thing would be trademarked or copyrighted or something! :) I can just as easily see Harry in a beat up ole leather biker jacket.

"I dunno. I kinda like "Socksay", which could be "sexy" spoken in a verra verra bad foreign accent. "

That's exactly what I pictured when I was making up that little bit of nonsense!

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James totally GETS Harry Dresden. Also, the man has an incredible onscreen presence and magnetism. I will be very disappointed if someone else gets this role.
Harry's duster starts off life as heavy canvas with a mantle. When that gets wrecked he is given a leather version, still with the mantle. It's more your old cowboy duster coat than Spike's leather coat, which I reckon is more of a leather trench coat than a duster anyway.

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