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October 10 2005

Serenity Giveaway Winners Announced. Follow-up of Jerry Gordon's very generous project idea to give back to fellow Browncoats who supported the BDM.

"I just wanted to take one last moment to thank all of you for working so hard to make Serenity a reality. No matter what the box office receipts total, it's taken a lot of love and dedication to turn a cancelled television show into a movie. I certainly appreciate your efforts, and I hope you've had a lot of fun along the way.

I couldn't resist throwing in a third prize. So, without further delay, here are the giveaway winners:

First prize, an 8x10 cast photo signed by our BDHs:
Danielle Perry of Coventry, UK

Second prize, a 17x22 signed Jason Palmer print:
Danielle Porter of Baltimore, MD

Third prize, Exclusive ComicCon Preview Figure, Prescreening Program/Keychain:
Todd Garland of Webster Springs, WV

Should any prize go unclaimed, I'll draw a new name out of Jayne's cunning hat and award it to another deserving Browncoat.

To those of you that expressed interest in my forthcoming novel, many thanks. I should have some short fiction out later this fall, and a revised novel for you to check out in 2006.

Until then, keep flying!


It never get's tiring to see such selfless support for the movie.

Very cool, and kudos to the winners. Comicon preview figure? Did they have those at San Diego, cause I didn't see 'em.
Still amazed i won! :D
Congrats, cicatrixtwigs! I don't win these contests. Well, I did get an email recently saying I won a book from a Bones contest I entered. I think there was a DVD I was trying win, but I can't remember what.

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