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October 10 2005

(SPOILER) Serenity: A Story Analysis. Something a little different and a brief respite from the tsunami of movie reviews and box office scrutiny following the Serenity's release.

This gives us an insight as to how a good story is structured. I imagine it would be great introduction to this part of the creative process for aspiring film or television script writers and fanfic authors alike. Not sure who Melinda is though. The twin sister of perhaps?(smiles)

Planet Melinda! Planet Matilda!
My evil twin sister!

Btw somehow I feel the need to explain that my screen name has nothing to do with Firefly (which I hadn’t watched at that point). I chose it because Shakespeare’s The Tempest is my favourite play and Ariel is my favourite character which is the name I wanted to use, but someone beat me to it, so I had to settle for being the pretty princess.

Clearly Joss refers to the Tempest in both Firefly and Serenity and not just with the naming either. Caliban – reavers? Jayne? Prospero’s back story – see any similarities to Mal etc.

Someone should take a good close look and write a paper, it would be a fascinating subject.

(no, not me, my academic days of literary analysis are long gone)
Miranda, have you seen Serenity yet? (holding my tongue)
Yes I have last weekend. And somehow it's quite likely I'll see it again some time this week :)

Comment away if you want to.
Oh, I just wanted to say that I've been waiting for you to see it so I could tell you how cool it is that your online name played such a significant role in the Serenityverse. You must have been tickled when you heard the name Miranda? Did you know that Miranda was going to be in the movie?

Honey, I've been holding my tongue for months! You're so lucky, hee. I hope Serenity 2 features a planet named electricspacegirl. Think that's likely? ;)
Thank you for your kind words. No I didn't know Miranda was going to be in the movie (and I still rather put that down to the Shakespeare character than myself) but I was really chuffed. Joss and I are obviously totally on the same wavelength :) Mostly because in the play she is described as "..but you, oh you! So perfect and so peerless, are created of every creature's best."
I don't get what this analysis is about. MAybe it got to be with me being german, but could somebody kindly explain? If I'd do a story analysis (Only did them in my school days, but to do them we had) I'd approach it a bit differently. Does this person have a checklist? What's the purpose? Is this a common approach? HUH?

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