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October 10 2005

(SPOILER) A positive and insightful review of Serenity at Video Sewer Sci Fi. "Serenity is a movie puzzle that fits together with deceptive ease. But above the machinations of a topical plot that puts to shame most Hollywood screenwriting, Serenity works so well because the archetypical characters and situations are sketched with a loving hand; armed with highly naturalistic dialog and placed in settings that are totally relatable to today’s culture."

This review was written by a friend of mine, and I am now sitting here with unabashed pride for being partially (if not completely) responsible for him watching Firefly in the first place. I'm also incredibly enamored with his writing style.
Good grief, that's a stylish review. But more to the point, he covers more in fewer words. That's just about the best 500 words I've read on Serenity.

Thanks ESG.
I'm happy to post it. I'd been meaning to ask him if he would write a review and before I even had the chance to, he sent me a link to it.

Btw, you can read his other reviews on that site here.

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A really good review from a very good writer! This kind of thing continues to do my heart good. *smiles and thanks electricspacegirl for posting the link*
His Matrix Revolutions review is hilarious. It's written in an Irish accent for some reason. Haven't seen the movie so I have no idea if that has any connection other than to the color green.

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For those who understand Russian, there is a very positive and non-spoilery review of Serenity in

Serenity opens in Russia in Thursday.

I seriously doubt that I would be able to make a quality translation of this review into English. Maybe MoscowWatcher can? :)
Well, the title and first para of the Russian article read:

"The Jedi Slayer.

Next to the heroes of 'Serenity,' [which seems to be rendered "Mission Serenity" in Russian] a blend of western, space opera, zombie flick, and cyberpunk, the jedis look like pompous idiots."

Don't have time to translate the rest right now, but the article gives the background on the cancellation of Firefly, compares the movie to other classic sci-fi, loves that the heroes are "normal" (read: regular Joes), and slightly bemoans the fact that most of Joss's witty rejoinders are lost in the Russian dubbing. The author is Vadim Zelbin, and he likes it a lot. Thanks for the link, Lince.

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