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October 11 2005

'Joe and Monkey' watch James Marsters in Smallville. Today's strip of the 'Joe and Monkey' webcomic revolves around James Marsters appearance on Smallville.

A very funny webcomic if you follow it regulary. Often mentions Jossverse things.
One of my favourite Jossverse-a-licious strips is this one . Very cute.

I am entirely at one with my schoolgirl crush on Spike. I'm finding James Marsters not particularly crush-worthy out of character though - he is a fine actor, and undeniably good-looking, but it's definitely Spike i have the crush on.
Definitely can relate. My online name isn't Spikeylover for nothing.

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Man....I can relate to both of you and I hear what you are saying girls...hence my name as well......but I must admit...James IS a very handsome, very talented man, and he is only getting better. I will always love Spike. He is the reason I fell so hard for the BTVS in the first place. But I am also looking forward to seeing James find 'himself' in another role as well. I don't think he will ever eclipse the Spike I think Spike was the role of a lifetime, but I am sure that James can take any new role and make it memorable.
That said...I am seriously hoping that James will be able to get new roles, and yet still find a way to bring Spike back to us, if even for a little while. If not, then he will live forever in Fanfic and Merchandise.
/me briefly considers changing his name to Spike-geist :) Do people ever misinterpret your online name, spikeylover? I'm guessing that could have amusing consequences. "No, no, I'm not an amorous cactus..." Interesting to note the crush being on Spike specifically, who I think has one of the most incredible character arcs ever and can totally understand.
Amorous cactus! I just knew that's where you were going with that, ZG.

Interesting to note the crush being on Spike specifically, who I think has one of the most incredible character arcs ever and can totally understand.

Oh, yeah. I'm not a Spike fan as such, and not really a Spuffy shipper, but I love his snark, his histrionic fits, his intensity. Season 7 Spike is probably my favorite, and I recently felt myself becoming a Spike fan in that I was really getting into his story arc on an emotional level. I love souled Spike, i don't care what anyone says. He's one of the most complex characters in the Buffyverse, and it's just amazing to watch him evolve.

Still primarily a Wesley fan, but I can definitely appreciate the Spike affection.

Now, if you bring up Spangel again, ZG, that's a whole other story. I can get involved with that - and I'll be bringing the oil.

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LOL :) Spike S7's (ep2) whole "Can--can we rest now? Buffy...can we rest?" is one of the pinnacles of Spike-dom, IMO.
Yes, as my husband occasionally reminds me (and sometimes our friends) when he wants to embarrass me, I too have a schoolgirl crush on Spike. The character, not the actor, although I think JM does a fine job with the role.
I think it's something about the accent, the great lines/humor, and the bad-boy-mixed-with-tenderness. Plus he just has a great character arc. But a lot of the appeal is unexplainable.
I like Snarky Spike, but with a hint of a soul to him, the best: Season 5, in particular. Mmmmmm. He's appeared in quite a few dreams, I'm ashamed to admit.
Always been a Spike fan first, myself. He made the Buffy/Angelverses for me. But via Spike, I realized how great an actor James is.
As much as I don't like Smallville, I'm still hoping they at least give him something he can sink his teeth into. It's been far too long since I've seen him in a great role(imo, of course).

But for me, my heart will always belong to Spike. Well, him and my husband.
Yes, well, so far nobody has questioned my name. ha! As years wear on, I wonder if they do think I have a obsessive love for um....things that are spikey. Oh dear, oh dear.

I took on that name a few years back at the old Fan Forum Spuffy board, and now with the vidding and such, it's here to stay. I don't see my Spike love ever disappearing--for me, he is the greatest character ever created.

Gush gush gush.
My dear Giles is being neglected so I guess that means no one else wants him?!! Giles (sigh) - next best thing to Sherlock Holmes (double sigh)
Giles is awesome :) Just had to give props to William as this thread's about JM.
Interesting to note the crush being on Spike specifically, who I think has one of the most incredible character arcs ever and can totally understand.

I think I was hitting puberty when the Lost Boys came out, and have never really gotten over it. I remember Kiefer Sutherland being my first schoolgirl crush, it has obviously shaped me for life!
Right on :) Reminds me I haven't watched that in two years or so, might be time to spin that up.
I am entirely at one with my schoolgirl crush on's definitely Spike i have the crush on.
But for me, my heart will always belong to Spike.

Man-oh-gorgeously-sculpted-undead-man, me too. (In my silly, fictional, fantasy world, that is. So don't you dare go changing your name zeitgeist. 'Cuz in my deadly serious, very real world? Loves you exactly and precisely as you are.)
(/me gets all blushy and stammery. Honored and humbled, milady.)

Back on subject, what are y'alls fave Spike scenes (and I mean character development style, not glistening ab style)? I have to say the s7e2 scene I mentioned above is amongst my very favorites. Of course, there's also William and Andrew on the bike discussing 'Onion Blossoms'. I can say with assurance that someone here loves this bit... ;)
Oh's so good to feel the Spike love. I'm with Spikeylover...I will NEVER lose my love for Spike.....I know I'm obsessed, but you know what???? I don't give a damn.
Oh, well chosen, z. Wish I had more time right now to dig other favorites up. But, it's true, the S7 church/cross bit was as good as it gets. I like to go even further back in that episode to get the full measure of that gorgeous scene.
barest_smidgen -- LOVE the "Oh, oh, lucky girl. Call it quits. Now, there's an option. If only it were so easy. If only-- If only-- If only-- (addressing someone who's not there) What the hell are you screaming about? I can hear you. No need to (screams) SHOUT! (laughing) I get it." That's the other scene in the ep that I put on again without watching the rest recently :)
I wonder if we'll see the original version of the church scene. Joss' rewritten and reshot version is more complex and heartbreaking, but, curiously, in Petrie's version Spike pitted himself against God while in Joss' version Spike was All.About.Buffy.
I'm guessing the most we'll ever see of it is the written version, but it'd certainly be interesting to check out as Doug wrote it.
Here's the link to Doug's version.

After all these dailies appearing online it's so disappointing not to find this scene among them!
My screen name comes from a Spike scene as well--remember kitten poker in season 6? He asks someone to front him a tiny tabby. Oh to be that lucky kitten...
Oooh. favorite spike scenes. So many to choose from. I love the ones already mentioned. A few others: His speech at the end of Doomed: "Come one, vampires, rrrr, nasty! Let's annihilate them. For justice, and for... the safety of puppies, and Christmas, right? Let's fight that evil! Let's kill something! Oh, come on!"

His Lover's Walk speech to Buffy and Angel.

His OMWF performance.

Him waiting obsessively outside Buffy's door and then blowing it off with the "Out. For. A. Walk. Bitch"

His reaction at the end of the Buffybot episode, when real buffy kisses him... and his telling Buffy about the countless times he saved her and Dawn, in his dreams.

His "You made a bear! Undo it! Undo it!" as he gets impaled with arrows in "Pangs."

And so many more that will come to me as soon as I hit send on this. Can you feel the Spike love?? :-)
"You made a bear! Undo it! Undo it!" as he gets impaled with arrows in "Pangs."

To me, that is one of the funniest all time episodes (ranks right up there with Smile Time) and what made me really notice Spike. Also liked Spike's talk about those 'dusty' countries in that ep. Liked his look as he stares at the camera at end (along with everybody else) when Xander gives away the fact Angel had been there...

[ edited by Grace on 2005-10-11 18:51 ]
Good question zeitgeist. I have a big conflict between scenes I love because of development and those I love because of the nuanced acting. They overlap of course, so it is hard to separate them.

Definately the church scene already mentioned. All of Spike's screen time from Fool for Love and from Lies my Parent's Told me, though I know that is really too general. Leaving those aside, I would include the whole scene where Spike realizes he loves Buffy and combine it with the first time he sees her after that. Yes, it is sexy, but it is also the perfect way for the audience to accept and understand Spike's realization. Then when she finds him in her yard in the next episode, the "Hi Buffy." is that of an embarrassed 16 year old in love...oh wait...I just slipped over into the acting thing again.

Okay, I add the scene where Dawn is trying to get Spike to let her hang out in his crypt and dangles the inside scoop about what Buffy says about him as enticement. "What else does Buffy say about me?"

I could go on and on. Most of the ones I love most are small moments spread throughout. It was always about how Spike was going to adapt to some new circumstance. That is why I don't see Joss running out of stroies to tell about him now that he has a soul.

Oooooo yes, acp, the Lover's Walk speech. That focused his whole character.

I have to stop and post this now, because people keep posting good stuff while I'm typing.
My favorite Spike scene? Oh dear, I admit I watched SMASHED a bit more than a normal person should.

But..yes, serious acting? Loved all of FOOL FOR LOVE. I honestly, it took me a minute or two to realize that William was actually Spike, James played them so differently. (I wasn't online looking at all the pretty pics then, etc.) Loved INTERVENTION, any Spuffy scene where they got all intense whether arguing, loving or TOUCHED. (awwwww.)

The man boggles my mind. I'm a huge fan of his acting. He deserved an Emmy, IMO.

Also loved Tony Head (for that Giles fan above..) He was my second favorite guy on the show. (Loved Gellar, too)

[ edited by spikeylover on 2005-10-11 19:11 ]
Spike bringing the briefcase to the board meeting. That was just wonderful.
I love the last couple of scenes in FFL, where we get to see all of Spike's emotions: his vulnerability (his crying when Buffy tells him he's beneath her made my eyes water), his evil nature that could lead him to do terrible things (deciding to kill Buffy) and his real ability to love and care for someone besides himself (his comforting of Buffy at the end).

Because of my love for Spike I have become a JM fan and look forward to seeing him in SV and other projects.
oh, I love that final section of FFL too. I didn't mention that episode before, because I love the whole thing so much i couldn't think of my favorite moment. But it's definitely the coda when he walks into her yard intending to kill her, then realizes Buffy is upset, and gives her the tilted-head "What's wrong?" and the awkward pat on the hair instead (while awkwardly trying to stow his gun...)
Spike's rooftop commentary on Angel in "In The Dark" made me laugh so hard it hurt!

And when Buffy throws the money at him in the alley in FFL and says " It wouldn't be you Spike , it would *never* be you" the look on his face makes me cry like a baby.

Spike is a great character and James is an astonishingly good actor *sighs*
Favourite scenes - FFL, when Buffy is asking him how he killed the other slayers, with the flashbacks to Nikki's death. Although James is great at the comedy, I prefer competent Spike to the bumbling one. (Not to mention the pretty fighting...)
Zeitgeist, I like just afterwards when they were chasing down the big wormy thing and Spike launches into a positively Shakespeanean sounding monologue: " This is just the beginning, luv. A warm-up act. The real headliner's coming, and when that band hits the stage, all of this...all this... will come tumbling in death and screaming, horror and bloodshed. From beneath you, it devours. From beneath... " Gives me shivers.
Funny Spike? The "you made a bear" line has to be my favorite. But I'm a real fan of s7 Spike, and I would just have to add as one of my favorites the scene where he just holds Buffy in his arms, the night he calls the best night of his life. I just go "Awwwwwwwww" each time I see it.

And thanks, MW, for the link to Petrie's script. I had no idea that it was so different from the broadcast version.
Yes, yes. To all of the above. And there's the beautifully acted basement scene from Chosen.
Well, since i was very impressed by the warrior aspect of Spike, i would have to say Fool for love(fight with the slayers),Lies my parents told me(emotionalle battle),Get it done(the return of the dark warrior),Destiny(fight against Angel).
"I know I'm a monster, but you treat me like a man" from BtVS Season 5. Plus, all the ones already mentioned.
So much good stuff :) But, yes, I do believe that s7e2 was Emmy-bait and they let me down.
I'm with you zeitgeist. (Just figuratively, barestsmidgen.) I came to BTVS in reruns and was blown away by that scene and the one Lioness mentioned. I went onto the internet to find out who this guy was and while I was at it checked to see how many Emmies he had gotten for his performance as Spike over the years. Imagine my surprise...
...and disgust. I'd like to salute the academy (raises a British bird).
Here, Here.... to everything that you all have said so eloquently. I don't think I could come up with any Spike scene that I didn't love. Even his heartbreaking sacrifice at the end is amazing, though still nearly impossible for me to watch. After I do I still cry for days....I know thats silly because he does come back, but the scene always gets to me. I think this is why I can't bear to see it end, and I do hope that Joss will realize there is still so much to tell for this incredible character. There are other characters that I care for, but NONE have captured my heart the way Spike has.
I was gone from this thread for a while, but I wanted to say that I think Giles is HOT! Season 6, end of Two to Go, door bursting open, "I'd like to test that theory." And there's Giles all badass. Totally hot.

But back to Spike...I love season 5 Buffy-whipped Spike too. Him hanging around her house, hiding behind her tree smoking cigarettes. "Out. For. A. Walk... Bitch." hee.

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