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October 11 2005

Kristin says Kitchen Confidential is not cancelled. "It is still in production, so tune in."

There are also brief mentions about Joss's Veronica Mars appearance and Marc Blucas's love life.

I've amended your headline to make it more meaningful for our RSS subscribers.
Thanks and sorry.
Also her name is "Kristin" but thanks for the good news :).
Edited to make that right.

I need more sleep!
Well, that's a relief, although I'm still cynical enough not to hold out much hope.
Hmm, so the confusion is just because of baseball? House is off for baseball too, and I've not heard any rumors of its demise...

And....Lorelai and Riley??? Is that Rorelai or Loreley?

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Pronounced the same either way isn't it? ;-)
let's never speak of Marc Blucas' lovelife again because.. YUK
That's great news :) (not Blucas' love life) Why not LoRi?
"Hmm, so the confusion is just because of baseball? House is off for baseball too, and I've not heard any rumors of its demise..."

Probably because its Fox and everyone expects every new show to be cancelled at the earliest oppotunity on that network. House, AD etc that are also prempted are mainly returning shows
The New York Times ran a TV season roundup last week and incorrectly claimed the show had been "yanked." Other TV critics picked up on that and ran similar statements throughout the week, because apparently they didn't know about the correction the Times ran the next day.

Hee! That makes it sound like it's Rory/Lorelai.
I'm clinging to the faith that House almost didn't make it last year, but ended up doing well, hopefully KC can do the same.

Thanks to J.Monique for keeping is informed!
Arrested Development is still on the air after 2 seasons of poor ratings. I suspect it's because of the Emmy awards and Ron Howard's involvement with the show. My favorite part of the Emmys this year was Michael Hurwitz saying, "Thank you for voting for the show you're not watching." I love him.

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Whew. I was getting very nervous there. Glad to hear it still has a chance, it's one of my favorite new shows.
Hee! That makes it sound like it's Rory/Lorelai

I know, I saw that after I posted. Ewwww!
Spoke to friend who works on KC five minutes ago...and he's at work and has not yet been informed of a pink slip, so it's still safe. Everything will be pre-empted for the next few weeks on Fox because they have the Baseball series rights. If a show's not on, it means nothing. Now if it's pre-empted during Nov. sweeps to dig up ratings, that will be a big clue...

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