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October 11 2005

A small number of people are reporting their local theatres dropping Serenity, however it looks like only in a very small number of areas (official counts not out yet). Could people check with their local theatres and check Serenity is still playing on Friday? If it's not wide scale it should help quell the fears.

Every week they have to make room for new movies so its not exactly unexpected.
Well, yes, but some idea of the scale of droppage is needed.

I suspect all large theatres will keep it, but the smaller ones may jettison it I suppose - I'm hoping they don't yet, though.
Looks like the Burbank theater we went to dropped a show time or two.
My local theater was only showing it on one screen, and is keeping that screen this weekend. :)
The 10 theater Regal I go to still has it. And the totals for yesterday is over 700,000....:-)
Eugene, OR had one screen and still will!
Hmmm, wonder where these reports have come from? Seems a bit bizarre to me.
Information for Friday is not yet fully available for my local theaters in Northern California. Of the 5 theaters currently showing it within a 10/20 mile radius (not counting San Francisco), only 2 (Concord and Oakland) are listed on Fandango for Friday BUT my local UA for example has yet to post its new Friday program. Same thing for the Sony Metreon in San Francisco. So I won't panick until I get the final info (which should be posted tomorrow). ;-)
I just called my big town/small city theater. College town. They ARE playing it Friday. It never was at the other theater but it's much smaller and out of the way. Mine has 20 screens. Interestingly, the lady shounded annoyed I called about it. Maybe she just hates her job. :)

ETA: I convinced my 60-something parents to see it. Must have been my raving. They went to the lake, the weather was bad, they went to a small town mall movie theater and watched a Friday matinee. Sadly, the theater was mostly empty but they had a rollicking time. My DAD even liked it and he's seen about five movies in the theater during his adult life. And is mildly amused at best. He really liked it so that is very cool. It was like Indiana Jones for him.

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Not all of Portland's theaters have posted their Friday times yet, but of those which have, several theaters which had Serenity on two screens will have it only on one starting Friday.

I can't tell yet if anyplace has dropped it altogether yet.

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Still playing at all Marcus (midwest) theatres, except two are dropping it to only two times a day.
I've edited the thread description to reflect it doesn't seem to be wide spread.

The official count figures come out Thursday it appears

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Still playing in 8 theaters in Austin and the surrounding area.
Saw it again in Cambridge at the 9:40 pm show, 75-100 folks which is better than last Friday, same time, when there were about 50 people.
It's still playing at the ones near me this coming weekend but it seems to have lost the prime 6.30pm/8.30pm slots and is only showing at 9.15pm. Appears to have made way for some very strange options though. Something called "the Devil's Rejects" and a Russian film with English subtitles called "Night Watch"
The big Vue near me has it playing 4 times a day until Thurs 20th at least, which seems like a vote of confidence. Although it's not playing on a huge screen there, every time I've been it's been 3/4 full.
We have three large theaters in the Grand Rapids, MI area. It appears that Celebration Cinema (26 screens) is showing it on Friday, as is Cinemark (18 screens). Unfortunately, it looks like Studio 28 (20 screens) is not.
But, Studio 28, which used to be really nice (at one time it was Americas largest movie theater...), is now kind of a ghetto theater. The one time I saw Serenity there, there were not many people in the theater at all.
However, the other two times I watched it in Grand Rapids, I saw it at Cinemark. First weekend it was packed, 2nd weekend was pretty full also.

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Just got a sort of scary news, for the Brazilian release, It seems that our release weekend will be very similar to the one from the States.
We're up against Jessica Alba in her Parka (gotta remind people that she wear's like during 90% of the movie, right?), Aragorn and that great Comic book adaptation, and for a plus we're also against Disney's Chicken Little. It's not going to be a easy weekend at all.
We're still a month away, but the odds doesn't look shiny at all.
To me it really just seems like it is dropping the way most movies do.
Indy theaters haven't posted yet, but I'll check back when they do.
I checked most of the theaters here in Jacksonville, Fl. It seems that they are all keeping it on next weekend. They have dropped the number of showings just a bit, but it is still on the screen.:)
(Looking at Chicago and its northern suburbs) I don't see any drop-off in the number of theaters showing it.
Here in Salt Lake City area, Megaplex theatres had Serenity at all 3 locations, but now it is just at one.
Actually just because one theatres dropping their showing doesn't mean they are not picked up elsewhere in the country. Last weekend within 40 miles of my area they dropped 6 screens from the opening weekend but in the overall the movie was up by 1 screen. So it's nothing to be concerned about until we see the screen numbers Thursday. It just gives more people a chance to see it who may not have seen it before.
Only one theater in my area has posted Friday showtimes, and Serenity's still playing with four showtimes a day (same as the last two weeks), while Into the Blue is only showing twice a day. Per screen average came through, I think.
I suspect we'll keep most, if not all of our screens, but will loose the number of times its offered at the theatre to make room for new releases. My local AMC 20 still has two movies that came out on September 16th - two weeks before Serenity. Also, Serenity currently has more scheduled showtimes than any other movie at the theatre. So, I suspect they'll drop showtimes, but I would think the movie will still around another two weeks or so.
We only had it on one screen to begin with (this is for a theatre in a village with a total area population of 25,000 in 3 towns) and they have gone from 4 show times, to just 2... :~(
Near me, the closest theater is still playing it, but with only two showings instead of the usual 4 or 5. None of the other theaters near me have showtimes up yet. I'll keep my eye on it.

This is the theater, however, that only had "Corpse Bride" for one week.
All the theaters in Albany, New York that had it in the first place have kept it. Our big multiplex actually moved it to a bigger theater.
I just checked the 5 local theaters (within about 10 miles) here in Western Washington and they'll have all the same showings they've had since opening day. I'm in the Redmond area.

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So far, 2 AMC, Edwards, Cinemark and a privately owned theater are the only ones carrying it within Long Beach, CA. Edwards have 6 showings for the day for this weekend and the week after that. The rest have 4.
"Also, Serenity currently has more scheduled showtimes than any other movie at the theatre."

killinj, for some reason I was thinking you lived in a college town. Wouldn't this be a result of demographics? I love demographics. They are so fun.

Reading through these posts, it seems where there are high student populations (such as near a university) the movie is holding it's own!!!! It's just dropping in less populated areas, but that's to be expected with a smaller number of theaters and screens to begin with. Big cities or densely populated areas = a higher number of fans beforehand.

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Cleveland Cinemas, which owns several area (that's Cleveland, Ohio) theaters, including the local art-house cinema, is dropping Serenity from two of the three locations at which they had been showing it. It's staying in Solon (which, of course, was famously rhymed with bowlin' in the original theme song for the Drew Carrey Show).

Other theater chains I can't speak for. I just happen to be on this company's mailing list.
Most theaters keep a film two full weeks by contract, so next Friday the two weeks will be up and then it is up to the individual theater if they want to keep 'Serenity' or make room for other newer movies. Often they have a contractual obligation to make room for a number of these new movies. But if we call our local theaters and make sure they know we are still wanting to see 'Serenity' then it does increase the chances they'll keep the film around for at least another week.
killinj, for some reason I was thinking you lived in a college town. Wouldn't this be a result of demographics? I love demographics. They are so fun.

True, but then again I think it's common practice for the newer films to be seen in more screens. I don't know how many showings it will have on Friday. The theatre on the other side of town near the better shopping mall is only showing it 4 times a day at the moment. Also, in the screening I've attended they all seemed to be closer to my age *ahem* 30-something rather than college kids. Then again, I tend not to go Friday or Saturday night showings. I can do without the crowds, not to mention $9 for a movie! I'm a spoiled Netflix addict.
Still at my theater, still four showings a day. Into the Blue, by comparison, has dropped to two showings a day. Corpse Bride has dropped off a screen (showings are less than half of last week)

I don't know about the other theaters in my area...too many to keep track of.
It looks like it's had it's number of screens reduced for this weekend, but it's still in most of the theatres.
Serenity is down to 3 shows per day at the theatre I saw it in. No info on Friday, yet. Another local theatre is also down to 3 shows and one is down to 2 shows. One theatre has it 4 times per day.

I was afraid it would be gone by this weekend. Everyone I mentioned it to seemed so confident it would still be here, and they're taking for granted they have plenty of time to see it. I really think it's going to be gone Friday.
The fewer number of college kids seeing it might be due to changing viewing patterns. There was a Reuters story out today that said a recent study showed ticket revenues this summer fell to $3.62 billion, their lowest level since 2001 and the estimated number of tickets sold, 541 million, was the lowest level since 1997. Viewing by males under 25, a core movie audience, has fallen by 25% since 2003.
Serenity remains - at all the previously scheduled times - at the four theatres in my neighborhood (Canton, MI) where it opened. I saw it twice here the weekend it opened and once in California this past Monday. Everyone with me loved it, as have the critics (it was on the Critics’ Choice list in Newport Beach and the Detroit Free Press film critic loved it). I can’t imagine why any theatre would bump it for another film!
They actually seem to have added theaters in my part of Silicon Valley, but I may just be paying more attention to the theaters that are further away/less interesting. I definitely think the Century 23 is new since I last checked, though. And all the theaters I remember still carry it. Still seem to be just as many showings, too, though this is a place where we geeks need a full taxonomy to classify us, and most of the geek families and orders are genetically compatible with the 'verse.

BTW--and I may say this in multiple threads--the third time I saw it (I didn't get into any prescreenings, so all viewings were after wide release) I liked it even more than the first two times. Like Firefly, Serenity really grows on you. To approximate the Minear quote about the first Serenity (the Firefly pilot): it unfolds, reveals itself to you, gets under your skin.
My (5-screen) local theater is actually picking Serenity up starting Friday. It's also staying in the 8-screen and 17-screen theaters in Halifax, NS (my college town -- I was planning on seeing the movie there next week, but I guess now I can see it at home!).
All three metroplexes in Greensboro, NC where it opened still have it listed, with all the same show times as last week. I'm planning on seeing it again this Saturday, so they better not get any funny ideas about yanking it totally. I need another fix!
My local theatre has it dropped to only one showtime, at 9:40. I expect it'll be gone next week.
This is a bit of a thread deviation, but according to my UIP contacts, especially independent cinema's are keen to pick serenity up (here in Germany). From what I've read in this thread, it seems a trend in the US too: meaning the smaller (read: independent) Theatres like it a lot. That's not a bad thing, mind. Those cinemas tend to have more patience with their movies, not dropping them in a blink, instead giving them a chance to find their audience.....which is what Serenity needs.

Edit: because even me being a browncoat doesn't keep me from spelling Serenity wrong.

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It's still running in a lot of theaters over the weekend in Oz. Lot's of screenings too. Well, if you can judge all of Australia by Sydneys standards.

Which of course you can't, but I'm still hung over from last nights, 'When Whedonesquers Go Wild' thread. ;)

Ah, good times.
Yee Ha, Nixygirl. Did I miss the BO figure from OZ? How has it been doing there?

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A teensy bit better than the US as far as UIP's last message.
I'm not quite sure truth be told!

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