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October 11 2005

The various River Tam Session viral movies are at number 16, 20, 26, 49 and 51 in the OurMedia Top100 video download list.

Say what now? What are these movies?

[ edited by holycow on 2005-10-12 05:37 ]
Say what now? What are these movies?

They were clips released online, made by Joss and Summer. See the Session 416 fansite for details/explanations.

(Full disclosure: I maintain that fansite.)
Holycow, didn't you see the River Tam sessions? They are prequel to 'Firefly'...and star Joss Whedon as the interviewer:
Okay, sooooo we have: the River Tam sessions, Firefly, and the Serenity trilogy comic series which is finally prequel to the Serenity movie. Not too shabby.
b!X, I downloaded one the complete session file and it seemed to be corrupted. I probably chose the wrong mirror. I have to try again. It was irritating because it took way too long to download with my dial up connection.
Yeah, someone else is telling me that also -- my problem though is I can't seem to replicate that error and it plays fine for me here, so I don't know how to fix it.

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