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October 12 2005

(SPOILER) Joss Whedon praises Charisma Carpenter in the latest 'Ask Ausiello' column at TV Guide (numerous spoilers for TV shows).

So after seeing the Rod Lurie(executive producer of Commandor In Chief) news on this column, I am happier that Joss isn't doing a show on the broadcast networks.

It was very nice what he said about Charisma. I think the rumors were over-exaggerated personally. Much like all rumors are. It couldn't have been anything too personal if she went back to do Angel's 100. Or the round table discussion for the new Buffy DVD.

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So after seeing the Rod Lurie(executive producer of Commandor In Chief) news on this column, I am happier that Joss isn't doing a show on the broadcast networks.

Well, I know Whedon likes to take control but his reputation is to get things done on time and under budget. Rod Lurie's micromanagement of "Commander in Chief" got production so far behind that the network had to consider airing reruns or other programming in the vital November sweeps period.

So comparing the two is meaningless.
I'd have to agree with eddy as far as the rumoured problems between Joss and Charisma are concerned. The internet has the uncanny ability to take a couple of comments made by two people about one another and blow them up into something akin to their own personal World War III. Even if they did have an issue or two with each other concerning Charisma's departure i doubt that either one of them made anywhere near as big a deal of it as many of the fanbase on the net did. They are both adults and professionals and it is nice to see these comments reflecting that.

Hopefully this will help bring a final end to the speculation and rumours on this matter.
Did you guys hear about Vampire With A Gun and the Internet? Vampire... posted over on Whedonesque and said "The internet has the uncanny ability to... blow... up... something... personal. (Its) World War III (now, bitches)." I can't believe that he would say that about the Internet! Wonder if they'll ever work together again...

p.s. -- I can't imagine how rumours like this get started ;)
Nobody really knows what goes on behind the scenes, but I'll just be polly positive. She appeared in the 100th episode, so I'm with Eddy.

Notice that there's a blurb about Braniac/Spike in Ausiello's column, too.

Also, since we are talking about TV GUIDE, be sure to check it out this week. (the new large version). It's got a small picture of Marsters in it, and a cutey one of David Boreanaz and his wife's dog.
Hehe, thanks for that, zeitgeist, brought a smile to my face on an otherwise dull day!

Y'know the really scary thing though? Somebody will probably read what you posted and believe every word! This time tomorrow details of my war with the internet will be spread across every Joss Whedon related board on the net! Don'tcha just love living in the age of virtual truth? :) very true. When I was young (OK, it's been awhile) rumors spread by word of mouth and the worst thing that would happen would be the neighbors would talk, now...anybody can start a rumor and the net spreads it worldwide in seconds. I always thought Joss liked Charisma and she seems way too easy going to hold a grudge. I still keep hoping that she'll be Wonder Woman, no matter how slim the chances!
I always wondered if David Greenwalt was more of a fan of Charisma Carpenter than Joss was. Since it was he who suggested that she should be on Angel and she then left just one year after he did. If David Greenwalt had still been a showrunner on Angel during season 4 and season 5, the direction of her arc might have been very different.

I'm not suggesting that Joss couldn't wait to kill her off or anything so melodramatic as that, but it isn't that surprising if different writers feel differently about certain characters that they would then take those characters in differing directions.
I think Charisma's pregnancy had more to do with it than anything else!
Heh, somehow I have missed this whole Joss/Charisma controversy *scratches head*. Didn't quite reach the Dutch B/A fandom it seems, and I've only started reading up on whedonesque the last few months. Can't say I'm sorry I missed it, though.

And, anyway, what Joss says here is very nice, so it was probably all overstated anyway :-)
Calledon, I know that the pregnancy feels like such an easy explanation. But Joss was becoming a dad around that time. And the way he feels about women in general? This is purely my speculation, but it just doesn't fit. How would he have felt if his wife's boss had treated her that way?
I know there was much speculation that her firing was due to Charisma's pregnancy - or at least her slowness in revealing that she was pregnant - despite Joss claiming that he let her go because her character arc was complete.

It may well be that either of these is correct, but it is well known that there were difficulties after David Greenwalt's departure and seems likely that these would have been less so if Fox hadn't forced him out.

I would just find it interesting to know whether events would have been different if David Greenwalt had still been around through the last two seasons and if he had a better relationship with Charisma Carpenter than Joss did.
It seems to me a feud between them is more likely supposition blown out of proportion on the internet rumor mill.

It's logical to surmise that Charisma's departure had everything to do with the realities of pregnancy. Most women need time off from work, not just to recover, but to adjust to life with a baby. It's not like you can drop a baby and then throw it in the closet to go back to work as usual. I also don't know that Joss would have fired her because of her pregnancy. First of all, it's illegal to do that. Joss being a relatively high profile individual, would not be able to escape the illegal sex discrimination issue (especially given his artistic credo), but it never came up - except in the imaginations of those addicted to their screens and keyboards.

And if there was a conflict between the two - it can happen with anybody who works closely with each other for so many years. People get on each others' nerves or conflicts come up that have nothing to do with whether someone is a good or bad person. Whatever there may have been, and we'll probably never know if there truly was a problem, obviously Joss is gracious and professional enough to speak well of Charisma in public.
There's also the fact that, inspite of his saying that "Wonder Woman" isn't a party for his friends, he will let CC try out for the role since she "looks the part". ((That's from a previous interview elsewhere...I think it had been posted up on here at one time or another?)) In any case, they seem to have moved past any issue they may have had.
ADDED: Oh, what Emma Frost said. ^

Just to add a little more water to the fire.

In a recent interview, which of course I can't find, Joss was asked for the umpteenth time about casting for "Wonder Woman." He said the same-ole about having to write it first but then added that if there were a list, Charisma Carpenter would be on it because she's the right type.

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Well said, Nebula1400. My sentiments precisely. I woulda said the same thing if I were as articulate as you. ;)

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