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October 12 2005

Eve becomes a bad influence on "Heaven". Sarah Thompson has landed a recurring Rose of a role on this seasons 7th Heaven, as the girlfriend of one of the main cast, who seems to have a little devil in her ... or perhaps it's just left over residue from W&H.

Oh my god, I was flipping around looking for Smallville and lo and behold: Sarah Thompson! The second I saw her, I knew her character was a bit evil. Brilliant, twisted casting. Even better than Ashlee Simpson! That show scares me.
i can't believe 7th Heaven is on. And they say genre shows are having a tough time on TV! family is like that family.
I just thought that this show was part of W&H's punishment.
I just thought that this show was part of W&H's punishment.

Yes, doesn't it just feel like Lindsey and Gunn's hell? It's so horribly suburban.
LOL, yes that's it, the Camdens live in the suburban hell that W&H use to punish it's wayward employees and Eve/ST have been sent there for punishment.

I take it that those viewers that actually watch the show performs the same role as the tormenting demon, by watching it keeping the show on the air and the actors trapped year after year after year, while at the same time suffering a very boring job.

With some crossover thinking it is even possible that this could be the 'special Hell' that Book talked about ...
God I cannot stand 7th Heaven, it's just dreadful, how the hell is it still going?

My Mum and sister love it for some reason, Mums even got the DVDs, I'm just thankful that it's rarely aired in the UK anymore.

Is her character evil, or just a normal person, which would seem evil when opposed to every sickly sweet person that seems to populate that show.
sooooo hot.

7th Heaven is to TV what chocolate milk is to the lactose intolerant.

No, Ghost Spike, she really is evil. All women on that show are, didn't you know that?

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