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February 19 2003

UPN to be reclassified as a "limited network" by Nielsen? With UPN dropping its Disney afternoon lineup, the network will be down to 13 hours of programming a week.

"Nielsen identifies any broadcast web offering more than 15 hours of programming as a full-fledged network. Webs with fewer than 10 hours are labeled as "emerging networks."

UPN would be rated the same way, but as a "limited net" would be segregated from full-timers ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, the WB, and even Pax, on some Nielsen reports."

Could this have implications for a Buffy spinoff on UPN? Would Fox want a Mutant Enemy show on a Nielsen deemed "limited network"?

It seems unlikely that it would matter to Fox; they'll put a show wherever it will be profitable for them. In fact, a limited network could be advantageous for Fox - the viewership number expectations would be lowered almost automatically, which would reduce the chance of a quick cancellation, and a wasted investment for the studio.
What will all those UPN affiliate stations do now that they have all that extra programming space to fill on their own? Some will probably become dual affiliates. Others may jump ship to another network entirely, which is what could be really painful for UPN.

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