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October 12 2005

Advance Screenings for New Zealand. UIP announce second round of screenings. Also Infilm has a breakdown of last weekend's Australian Box Office earnings with a report on how each film has fared.

The second of three openers to make the top ten was Serenity. It was the sixth film of the weekend to collect over $1m, with just $320k separating this film from the top spot.

Serenitys breakdown is towards the end of the page.

Thanks, Nixy. Gee, I ask and it appears. I feel so powerful empowered. ;-)
I think those figures are Aussie dollars by the way (if there's any confusion). I was curious and so kept scrolling down the page and noticed that they seem to have put US in front of the dollar sign when they have converted things.

[ edited by Impossible on 2005-10-12 19:36 ]
It's interesting that they explicitly say the weekend take includes preview screenings. I therefore assume the same was true in the U.S.
Ha! Well, you asked and you recieved. I'm nice like that! ;)

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