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October 13 2005

Buffy and Spike now available as pumpkin stencils. Ideal for Halloween.

Just about the coolest thing ever.

That is so awesome.

I wish I had a credit card so I could join up.

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Wow. We don't do much for Halloween here, but that's just too cool.
My pumpkins are lucky to get eyes that match and a mouth, let alone chiselled cheekbones..... Nice idea though :)
Wow, that is awesome.

How about Cordy in kitten ears? It would be in the spirit.
Hah! I cannot believe it! How cool are they? And why the hell didn't anyone ever think of this before?

There's a woman over on that did a stencil for Serenity (the ship) last year that was perfect. But Buffy and Spike here take the cake. Or the pumpkin... :P
Why do I have the feeling if I tried to use one of those stencils, the pumpkin would end up bearing no resemblance to anyone!? I'm crap with Spike-o-lanterns for me!
Rogue, I hear ya. These are awesome, though. They actually look like them.
Tempting, tempting.
I've used that some of the stencils off that website before to make some Nightmare Before Christmas pumpkins. It takes a long time for some of the more detailed stencils (as least it did for me, my wife managed to turn them out a bit faster) but it's really not as hard as some of you may think. With the stencil there to help you out it's just a matter of following the lines.
Yeah, try actually carving one of those. If you can get it to resemble a triangle you're lucky.
Those are great; cool idea.

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