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October 13 2005

Ohio University's online paper says "Standout cast makes 'Serenity' a hit". "Take a seat, George Lucas. Joss Whedon has trumped you with his freewheeling sci-fi western 'Serenity'."

I'm glad to see this review in a college paper. I was anxious to see about it in mine and not happy. The reviewer acknowledged many good things about it, but his criticism would be considered flaming were it posted here. The difference here is the Ohio reviwer is familiar with both Firefly and Serenity. The reviewer in my paper was not, and I pointed out he failed to mention Serenity continues Firefly's story and was not simply an "adaptation", as he referred to it. He was also pretty harsh on Joss about Aliens but oh well. In response to his flamey stuff, I just told him to watch Firefly and then read his review, although I didn't expect reviewers to watch it beforehand or anything. Just a suggestion to watch Firefly in it's entirety and then how might he rate Serenity? His response was that after he wrote the review, he caught an episode on SciFi and liked it a lot. He said now he wants to watch the series and will soon. He also said he still stands by his review, but it's gotten him interested. Now there is an undergrad theatre major out there, about to sit down and scrutinize Firefly, only knowing it through Serenity and his own film review. I predict he'll love these characters that caught his attention so well in the film he overall enjoyed. I was hoping other student papers didn't have flamish reviews like mine. Thanks for the link.

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