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October 13 2005

(SPOILER) Our BDH are Boyfriends of the Week. For the first time, Meg's Boyfriend of the Week is actually five boyfriends...the men of Serenity's crew.

A really great write up of the movie. Not really spoilery except for one small mention of a specific scene.

"THE GREATEST MOVIE I HAVE SEEN IN MORE YEARS THAN I CAN COUNT. And I can count really, really high, too. Like, to a GAZILLION."

Who is Meg Wood?
She's just a gal with a website. She does celebrity writeups (the "Boyfriend of the week") which are hysterically funny, and also writes about 20 book reviews a month. I have no idea how large her following is, but I know several people who read her site.

Most of the men in the Jossverse have been Boyfriends in the past, including Joss. There's a link to his Boyfriend page in the Serenity review, which in turn links to some of her Buffy Boyfriends.
I didn't read the whole thing, but I disagree with her on everything about the music. I don't see how you can love Firefly without liking its theme song. Its pretty much the mission statement of the show, musically and lyrically.

Beyond that, I don't think film scores should be forgettable. They shouldn't be intrusive and draw attention to themselves in spite of the film, but I do like scores that have standout moments that you can't help but notice (think Indiana Jones, Superman).

Serenity is a different movie, and the more subtle score suits it, but it does have 3-4 pieces that stand out to me in watching it, and I like that.
Well its good she's changed her opinion. She didnt much like Firefly:

"Okay, how best to describe this show? I guess like this: It's about a group of people who essentially spend their lives flying around in their clunker of a spaceship looking for odd jobs. They periodically land on a planet, turn a few tricks (literally for one character, figuratively for the others), then stock up on supplies and head back into space until their next gig. So far, it's been pretty entertaining, but despite the fact that I really REALLY want Joss Whedon to like me, I have to say that overall, I'm a bit disappointed. A lot of the dialogue is pretty bad, some of the characters are flat and their interactions seem forced, many of the jokes aren't that funny, and much as I hate to say it, some of the actors are truly awful. So, necessarily, I worry about its staying power.

I have no idea how well "Firefly" is doing in the ratings, but I'm pretty sure most "Buffy" fans are going to pull out soon. It's kind of a shock to the system to see the name Joss Whedon attached to a show with THAT choppy dialogue and THOSE lame characters (someone vote that River girl off the island before we have to suffer through another subplot about how afraid of the preacher's HAIR she is. I beg you. Do it. For me. Please.) (And while you're at it, make that girl Kaylee stop using the word "ain't"? It just doesn't come naturally enough to her. And my nerves are already shot enough these days, what with the teetering ratings threatening to tip a few of my other favorite shows into the crap heap)."

But she has found redemption!
But she has found redemption!

Yeah, offhand, I'd say she liked the movie.
Never heard of her, but then the 'net is a big place. That was a fun read. Her enthusiasm is infectious. (Well if I didn't already share it that is;-) And yeah, I noticed too how she didn't even like Firefly all that much at the time.

And man, how can anyone hate the Firefly theme song? We can never even bring ourselves to skip through it on DVD and we do that with basically all TV DVD eps we watch after a while.

I liked the twangy guitars in the score also but I didn't miss it in the movie as much as some people though. Don't think it's that important to me.
A nice review from the nose-licker.
And man, how can anyone hate the Firefly theme song?

Well, I actually know of quite a few people who agree with her. My husband, for one, who abhors it with a passion. I also hated it the first 5 or 6 times I heard it, but eventually it grew on me, and then would get stuck in my head, and ultimately I became quite fond of it.
I think it's an acquired taste, though. :-)
I agree that it's an acquired taste, I didn't like it at first either, but after watching the DVD set I came to love it. She said that she just recently bought the set, maybe after watching all the eps again she'll change her mind.
I prefer the acoustic version of the Firefly theme, personally. But lately I've been found to be singing the original version spontaneously for no apparent reason. Not sure why...
I read her link to Joss' stint as Boyfriend of the Week. She's great! I like Meg. She describes Kai the same way I do, "the luckiest woman in the world".

Except for the thing about music where she and I absolutely disagree, she had a lot of great things to say. Enthusiastic -- that's the right word choice, EdDantes.
That's a really fun review. Jayne is definitely Chewbacca.

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