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October 13 2005

Simon's a ghost and Mr. Universe does math with a psycho slayer, Friday night on CBS. This week CBS is offering up some extra verse related viewing. First a reminder on Ghost Whisperer, our favorite Doc Sean Maher guest stars and then 2 other guest stars from the verse star on the show Numb3rs.

Wow, that took me a minute. But then I remembered, Navi! You're keeping me on my toes RavenU! I am planning to watch GW tomorrow, but ONLY because of *cutesy girly sigh* Sean. Cross your fingers he takes his shirt off!
I was already a David Krummholtz fan way before, knowing he was in "Serenity".
I did endure the whole 13-episode run of "Lyon's Den", with him and Rob Lowe, I even taped a few episodes. Okay, one of them was because Jewel - Kilcher, not Staite - was in it, but the point is that I taped it.
Glad to be able to call him a ME, well actually Whedonverse, alum.

Looking forward for Sean in GW.
In my math classroom, there is a picture advertizing that show Numb3rs and everytime I see it, I go: "Mr. Universe!" However, I generally acknowledge Navi as being Therea from The shamefull...
Don't fret MySerenity.

For the possible exception of Eric Balfour, who seemed to have everyone, including THe OC, all other OC actors who were once in
ME shows, are more recognizable for their work in OC, simply because they're the stars of the show.

Like Rachel Bilson appeared only for a brief minute as an unamed Potential Slayer in "Dirty Girls" or Melinda Clarke, who was Nandi in "Heart of Gold" in FIrefly, but both of the are big stars in that show. Navi though, not regular, played a lot more episodes of the OC, and we only saw her in "Damage". Though I loved her work in "Damage". It took me some time to recognize the actress, back then when I watched the episode the first time around, and I was very surprised that it was her.
I gotta tell you, this is one painful show to watch. I tried to sit through it, but, ugh. I respect people that like it but, ugh. Sean is nice and all, but.... ugh. Sensing a theme? Anyone here able to sit through it all and enjoy it?
So, it was emotional-cry-at-TV night here at the Xan household. "The Message," then Sean Maher on the stupid Jennfier Love Hewitt show that always makes me cry. Why do I watch it? Huh. Always makes me cry. I'm a sucker that way. You should see me with "Hero" and "Becoming Part 2."

Sean did his usual fine job. That boy's gonna be a star.
Now I'm not too sad I don't have that channel. I'm gonna go watch Sean on another show right now, 'cause I just got my Firefly DVDs back from a friend. After seeing Serenity 6 times, the show's gonna seem all shiny and new.

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