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October 14 2005

Joss: "I'm very content". Some bloke posts on the US Serenity forum. Anybody know who he is? More importantly, though, I'd like to highlight this one quote: "I've seen a couple of posts with Browncoats beating themselves up about not having done enough. I never want to hear that again."

I'll be in touch again, but I have an Amazon to rassle.
That would be a Wonder Woman movie reference no?
Aye. It appears WW is next, then, by the sounds of it.
He mentions he's working on WW in the first paragraph.

And ack, "posative." *inner grammar/spelling whore winces*
As I said over there, I've created 8 new Browncoats in the last week and a half. Can you feel the slow burn? ;) I still have faith in sequeliness.
Maybe I'm just a big 'ole sappy, but that kinda got to me. *Snff*. Seriously, thanks Joss. Funny thing is, as he seemed to be worried about some of us might feel bummed I was wondering about him and the cast. They worked so hard on this and I can imagine them being all wrung out after their 'touring'. I hope Nathan, Summer and the rest are of the same spirits. (Hey according to the interviews, Summer is sensitive and quick to cry!)

It WAS a Big Damn Movie. I was worried the transition would make the movie feel too different, or like a 'what if' story. But it was everything I hoped for. Don't remember when I enjoyed a movie so much, laughed so much and so many moments that made me go all Keanu (ie: 'woah....')

Also, never seen a movie in the theater so often in a row;-) And if we had an audience that 'got it' and laughed and gasped (And all but maybe one did), it never got old.

May the DVDs sell like hotcakes. Or pancakes. Or some kinda cakes that sell a lot. Thanks for the sky, Joss.
Is it strange, that his post, just make me want to work harder...
Once again a fantastic post from Joss (spelling aside ;) ). Glad to hear he's content. I have a friend coming over from France to stay with me this weekend, with the major reason being to see Serenity undubbed so that makes me happy :)
Joss just totally made me cry without killing any major characters. (Though I'm still sniffly over Wesley. And Doyle. And Joyce....)

Thanks Joss. You realize you've made fans for life. Thanks.
He's a great guy. I think that's one of the best posts he's ever written.
A wonderful post.
What's with the references to Watership Down?
Bridgette loves Bernie? I'm older than Joss (but less hip) and I didn't get that reference. I have read the original Nick and Nora books though.
And I do like his acknowledgement of his continued foot fetish ;-)

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*sighs* Every time I start to lose hope.. Joss steps in. You're my Big Damned Hero, sir. Great post.
Donnie Darko, my fave movie (sorry Joss, only because its very 80's and Lynchian and all that other trippy stuff) as we all know, failed miserably at the BO. Over a very long period of time, people caught it on DVD, and although I have no idea what the sales for the DVDs are, it has been enormously succesfull (and allowed Richard Kelly to continue storytelling in hopefully his own un-studio visions). I feel the same way about Joss' works; I never watched B/A/F while on TV but thankfully caught them on DVD. The same thing will happen with Serenity no doubt. Do we care more about BO figures, DVD sales, numbers of fans, or the amount of love/get-it-ness the fans have for his work?
I'm all with the Watership Down love. And Shawshank.

Sure as I know anything, I know this: Joss is a dancing demon, not an American Idiot, who can type with his fingers.

(gossi drops his keyboard, blames a pretty girl and runs for the door)
He always makes me warm and fuzzy and then... teary. I love that man.

The actors must have some sense of satisfaction with the BDM. It's all around great. Less than glorious reviews usually consider it still pretty good. They made a great movie and no one can dispute that at this point. I doubt they are bummed too hard because can't nobody take their sky from them.

And I'll happily monitor Serenity stuff over the next year -- because those numbers will slow and steady creep upwards, while I'm closely monitoring the Wonder Woman project.

Perhaps that next great Wonder Woman film will spark interest in an old show called Firefly. They have the same writer, after all.

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"Bridget loves Bernie" was a 70's sitcom about a Catholic girl that married a Jewish guy. Starred Meredith Baxter Birney (Family Ties) and David Birney (TV movie staple for many years).

I'm old and I watched bad sitcoms in the 70's. *sigh*
Lioness, I think the Bridget loves Bernie thing was a sitcom about an Irish Catholic lass who marries a nice Jewish boy. Hilarity was supposed to ensue, but I don't remember if it ever did. Yes, I'm that old.

Thanks for the ride, Joss. I'm stickin' around to see what happens next, however long it may take.

Whoops, Cris beat me to it!

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I especially appreciated what he had to say about sequeliness (sequelity?). Not guaranteed, not like studio executives are pounding on his door demanding one tomorrow, but still very possible. That's exactly how I've been feeling, only, you know, said much better.

Thanks Joss. For everything. Everything including, now that I have the first of the DVDs (here's to getting that Netflix mail thing right!) Veronica Mars.

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Bridgette loves Bernie? I'm older than Joss (but less hip) and I didn't get that reference.

Bridget Loves Bernie was an early '70's sitcom with David Birney and Meredith Baxter-Birney about a nice Irish Catholic girl married to a nice Jewish boy.There were families and hi-jinks. Okay I really just remember the name and the premise.

Yay me! I figured out the quoty thing.
Oh, never mind then.... but I learned a new skill.
Oh, and Thanks Joss. For making me feel really old. And the other stuff, too.
As a guy who has a username of Andy Dufresne, I am wallowing comfortably in the Shawshank Redemption reference.
Thanks guys. I didn't have a TV for much of that period but I do vaguely remember the show now. That was a long long post too. And how nice to see that even Joss has to edit.
Thanks guys/gals! A couple of months ago I was racking my brain trying to remember the name of that show..

I vividly remember this: They are trying to get into a fancy restaurant and Meredith is wearing a pant suit. They are told they will not be seated until she is "dressed like a lady". She drops her pants (long blouse) and they are allowed in.
I remember Bridget loves Bernie, but Joss could barely have been in school at the time.

I was wondering when he would post and give us his take on the past two weeks. As usual, his message is a delight to read.
Lioness, I was going to explain about Bridgette & Bernie, but I see about three other people already have (and I guess I was the only one who actually liked the show, huh? Just me and Joss?). I had been hoping Joss would post something soon, it is good to hear from him. And I've been thinking the same thing: that 'Serenity' will stay in the theaters for a while longer, it will make some decent money here and over-seas, and then the DVD sales will be the thing that will convince Universal (in another year or two) that this might be worth a sequel. This is, of course, my personal dream.
Just one thought: the theatrical run is far from over. Let's go above and beyond, cubed (with none of the unhealthy self-flagellation). I know I'm more excited to see the movie again now.
Hopefully Joss will be able to do all the projects he's planning - WW, Goners, Spike movie.
This weekend Serenity premieres in Russia. The word-of mouth is very positive here, all reviews are favorable (it's a real wonder - usually Russian critics hate big Hollywood movies by definition) and I hope Serenity will do well in my country.
Could anyone post a copy of what Joss wrote? His posts make me feel all warm and happy - came home to find (someone else's)stinky cat wee and other minor mishaps, could do with some Joss-ness!
Posted: 14 Oct 2005 10:18 am
Post subject: Joss made a post from typings!
Hello, young lovers, wherever you are. This is Joss, coming to you live via technology. I thought it would be fair to give you all my little State of the Onion before I descend into the depths of the Warren to pound away at my keyboard, munch lettuce and ignore that annoying nerd Fiver who keeps saying something bad is coming, like he can tell or whatever. I'm excited to beat this Wonder Woman script into shape (and munch lettuce). Mostly, to be honest, I'm excited to (deliberately split infinitive) not be a Professional Serenity Barker. I love you guys, I loves me some Serenity cast, but I am yammered out. By Spain it just got surreal (I think Nathan and Summer will back me on that one). Selling is not my strong suit. Actually, my strong suit is Kevlar, but it bunches in all the wrong places.

So I have read much over the past weeks: we have Won! Lost! Triumphed! Failed! and have, of course, agreed with every single thing I read (one of the exhausting things about having no personality). But in the dark blue of early morning I do have some perspective, and it runs thus:

I'm very content. I think the movie is really good. That was hard to a)do and b) realize. The response has been terrific, the majority of the reviews extremely positive: people GOT IT. What's more, an impressive number of people saw this movie who never would have, and even more still will. This is not spin: I know we didn't do the expected numbers our first weekend, we didn't have an unprecedentedly small drop-off the second (which was my personal fantasy.) I've been to some dark places, just like you guys. But the movie has legs, and people who loved it LOVED it crazy, the way love is supposed to be. Europe has been a nice boost (and a lung-splitting shout out to my UK and Aussie UIPeeps -- they're dears, and efficient as hell). We'll keep soldiering on, until we can't crawl and we find DVD to carry us. I see us kind of like the Shawshank Redemption without all the Oscar nominations (unless Best Feet becomes a catagory). People who were befuddled by the title or lack of premise hook will finally pick it up, and keep picking it up... They may miss out on the big-screen exitement, but they'll see our little tale and take it to their hearts. Takes a while. Just like the show.

I've seen a couple of posts with Browncoats beating themselves up about not having done enough. I never want to hear that again. You guys have gone above and beyond above and beyond. The people who are above and beyond are looking at you guys and going "Man, don't they ever quit?" Your efforts, and your investment (emotional as well as tickety) have done an enormous amount for this film and my battered heart. No more self-flagellation, unless it's the healthy, what-every-young-person-needs-to-learn-about-their-body kind.

And what about Da Fyoocha? (And why did I need Arnold to say that?) I have no idea. It could be that this tale is told. Or it could be that down the line, dollars accumulate and some exec says, "let's spin that wheel again." Or who knows. I'm not resting my hopes on it, but it's not a concept I'll ever close the book on. In case the 30,000 reporters I told didn't get this message out, I love this crew like Nick loves Nora, like Hellboy loves Pancakes, like Bridgitte loves Bernie (and if you're old enough to get that reference, my condolences.)

Thank you all. I'll be in touch again, but I have an Amazon to rassle. Remember that this is not over; every dollar (or Euro) counts, every new convert is a friend for life. But don't fret too much on what's to come. Enjoy the remarkable things we've accomplished. You're Big Damn Fans. Have some lettuce.

All love, Joss.

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Argh. It looks all bunched up to me, probably to you too. Maybe because it's so long. I'll see what I can do.

OK, got the styling fixed...

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Thanks, jam2, for posting it. And I'm right there with you when it comes to seeing the film again. The more we make right now, the less carrying the DVDs have to do.
Thanks jam2. I feel better about the wee. What a guy!
Call me crazy or mentally unstable or whatever but that post just made my eyes water just a bit.

THANKS JOSS! For everything. Especially for taking the time to give us a little moral boost right now, much appreciated. And also quite beautiful.

This is just what I needed to read aloud to one of the one of the few holdouts I have left to get them in that theater with me tomorrow.
Sniff..thank's for the wonderful movie Joss! I never enjoyed a movie so much nor anticipated one as much as this. It was a fun ride and hopefully there will be future rides on another Serenity roller coaster!
*sniff* Lovely message.
I know we didn't do the expected numbers our first weekend...

I was presuming that Joss, at least, as compared to that random 'Versal guy quoted after opening weekend, wouldn't BS about the reality of those numbers. Good to see I was right, heh.

(Meaning I expect the studio people to fudge and hedge and spin, but I prefer the creative people themselves just speak the truth of it.)
Joss. What can I say? Best writer in the 'verse. That man always makes me cry, but in a good way. He is and always will be, my hero. I don't give half a hump what people say about Whedonites, Josszombies or whatever lame name Joss-haters come up with. I love that man and I am not ashamed to admit it.

Nuff said.
This post makes me want to keep fighting! I'll go see Serenity a couple of times more when I'll be in France next week.
I think it's because of my english, but...
Is that a complaint about his stay in Spain?
This is the message I left in the Browncoats forum:
"Hi Joss, I was at Sitges (Spain).
I flew from Madrid to Barcelona just to see the movie, Nathan, Summer and you.
I think I don't get what you say about your stay here.

For a fan, the Organization of the Festival was simply bad, but I think the fans were very exited (you have a lot of fans here).
I hope your complaints are not by fans, we really loved Serenity.

Sorry for my english. And thanks for coming to Spain!
We hope to see you here again (please, come to Madrid :p) with Goners and Wonder Woman."
Angel, TheVampire - I understood it to mean that they were just burnt out on touring for the movie, with weeks of camera flashes going off in their faces and the like.

He was just being sarcastic Joss, I'm quite sure he loves Spain.
I just came back from taking some time off and watching her again this afternoon as otherwise I wouldn’t have had the time (and if you had a strict Protestant upbringing like me, you know that going to the movies during an afternoon will take you straight to hell, so this is kind of a big deal for me (yeah silly I know)) and I nearly cried on the bus back because the more I watch this stupid movie, there more it affects me emotionally and the more it grows on me.

And then this. It is incredibly nice of Joss to take the time and trouble when he must be exhausted in every possible sense of the word. I hope he gets to take a little time off and spend it with his family before throwing himself into the next thing. Same for all the other people who have been involved in this movie in whatever their capacity was. I am sure they have all been on a roller coaster ride.

I don’t know how to say this, but I think it’s been worth it. Numbers mean nothing. Making something that’s worth it is hard. So thanks and all that.
Reading new Joss posts make me feel as if I have just watched a new episode of Buffy, Angel or Firefly. Full of emotion, gratitude and admiration for the man. *sniffs... sorry there appears to be something in my eye...*
Thanks Joss, we really needed to hear this. I've been saddened a little by how negative some people have been in their disappointment in the box office numbers. It's important to put it all in perspective. Joss is right, we don't know what the future holds with Serenity - whether there will be a sequel or if this is the end. We need to be proud for what we accomplished, and celebrate that. It's a time for happy.

I've been watching my Serenity press kit features and the sense I get from the Joss interviews is that the love he has for this 'verse is so strong that if he has a story to tell, and decides to tell it, nothing in the 'verse can stop him from telling it in some form. And we all know he has more Firefly stories.

Whether we get a sequel or not, there's still a lot we can do to keep the 'verse alive in our hearts. Recruiting new Browncoats (there's nothing like seeing a Joss show with a newbie and seeing it through their newbie eyes), playing Firefly RPGs, going to conventions, writing fanfic, having a Firefly costume party for Halloween (heck with that, have them all year 'round!), etc.

Time for dancing and shindigs. Portland Browncoats are partying tomorrow night, whoooo! Shiny.

ETA: And yes, I think I might have something in my eye too. *sniff*

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As I recently wrote elsewhere:

There's the success of the work itself and the success of the work as a product. It's anyone's guess where Serenity ultimately will land when it comes to the latter.

But when it comes to the former, to the success of the work itself, there's no need whatsoever to guess. Those audiences who have walked through the door have answered that question in no uncertain terms.
That was well said, theonetruebix, and, ultimately, that's my feeling as well. Every time I've gone to see the movie, the audience was there for the ride. I've never seen a movie in the theaters as many times as I've seen Serenity, but, each time, the audience sat with rapt attention. There were no stray conversations. No one shifting uneasily in their seats. They laughed. They cried. They cheered and clapped. That's something I've rarely seen even once for a movie, but multiple times? *Every* time? It's unprecendented in my movie-going experience.

Most of those in the audience when I've gone most recently were *not* Browncoats. The only audience I'm sure was majority Browncoat one was the pre-screening audience when I saw it the first time.

That's the magic of this film for me. And, it's part of why I can't get it out of my head. And, it's why I will see it again, and likely even, again, in the theater, while I can. Will my visits make the movie a blockbuster? Of course not. But, I've never enjoyed going to the theater *this* much.
This post makes me want to keep fighting! I'll go see Serenity a couple of times more when I'll be in France next week.

Don't. do. that.

Or if you do, RampaLemy, try to go in one of the (very few) theaters that show the non-dubbed version of it.

I have seen Serenity tonight, for the first time; it was the french dubbed version. Totally ruined half of the movie. Will never see this movie in a theater except if I can catch one which has the english version. Urk...

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I knew the movie was going to be a hard sell right from the beginning, so I'm not crushed. How about disappointed in my fellow men? And Joss is so very sweet to post for us -- and he's right given the proper stimuli and returns, we can get a sequel if we wait very patiently and hope for the best. Plus, realistically, he has years of work ahead of him that's not FF-verse, so a break was only reality.

I'm just happy we got our damned shiny movie.

(to someone upthread: there are 5 or so Nick and Nora movies, with only the first three being any good, and the first 2 really good, but only one book, Dashiell Hammet's The Thin Man.)
Sorry to hear that, Le Comite, hopefully you'll get to see the English version soon.
It's always a pleasure to read a post from Joss. He's funny, bright and has such a respect for his cast, crew and fans. It's no wonder we all love him back - some of us more than is healthy, I'm sure, but we won't go into that :).

No matter what happens with the "Firefly" 'verse, this is one hell of a movie. Even after 8 times, I still find things I haven't caught before, I still feel drained when I come out and I still love it. Enough to go see it several more times before it leaves the theatre - and buy more than one DVD when that happens.

Thanks to Joss for the movie, and for being the reason for this great community of which I am happy and proud to be a part.
I'm gonna dance along in the parade of Joss-love (the non sexual kind, thank you). This may just have been one of his best posts ever. If it wasn't so long, and if it wouldn't make me look kinda weird, I'd use the whole of it as a sig on the fora and newsgroups where I post.

No one can make you FEEL the fandom like Joss. Makes you proud to be a part of the whole thing, realy. And it's uplifting as well, after all the discussions that we've had about Serenity (I felt like Joss as well - emotional swing going 'yay we did good', 'argh we've bommed', 'woo', 'nooo', etc.).

I don't care if people think us weird for our love of all things Whedon, but honestly, with posts like these, can anyone blame us? No, I didn't think so either.

Oh, and on a slightly different note: Le Comité, that sucks! Don't they have any OV's anywhere? You wouldn't happen to live close to Belgium, right? They show movies in the original version, as far as I know...good luck in finding an english version!

ETA: whoops, wrote 'La Comité' instead of 'Le Comité'.

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I don't mind if people think I'm weird for loving the Jossverse so much. Hell, I know I'm weird, so I'm just gonna fly that flag all proud and stuff. Don't matter to me so much what everybody else thinks, I know I'm in love with something special. And it makes me real happy. :)

ETA: And if I could learn to type that would make me happier.

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Unfortunately, Serenity has been removed from MANY theatres in Toronto. I don't know what to say... except that I'm glad I caught it in time and Into The Blue has managed to stay on at some of the best theatres in the city.
I almost teared up there.

(Watership Down = best reference ever)
Ok, this is off topic, but if Hammett wrote only one novel, what other series from the 30's with a married couple solving mysteries am I thinking of?
CinJudes, thanks for clarify that.
Now I can be happier :p
*sniff* Thanks Joss.
Thanks, electricspacegirl and GVH (and also Paul_Rocks from another thread), for sympathizing with me.

Oh, and on a slightly different note: Le Comité, that sucks! Don't they have any OV's anywhere? You wouldn't happen to live close to Belgium, right? They show movies in the original version, as far as I know...good luck in finding an english version!

Well, no, I live nowhere where there's a OV of Serenity (I live in Montpellier, southern france). And, yes, that sucks!

When I woke up this morning, I fully realized how the french voices ruined the show for me... yesterday, while watching the movie, I must admit that I was bored during a whole part of it; but, thinking about it this morning, and having forgotten the french voices, I understand that the movie was probably terrific, but that I couldn't feel it.

As we all know, the best strength of Joss is characterization. But, yesterday, I couldn't connect with the characters (although I feel, from Firefly, that I know them as if having lived with them!!), which is why a big part of the movie moved (!) nothing in me. And I understand now that it is probably due to the voices; they play a big role in characterization, and not only because I am used to the original voices: except for a few exceptions, all has been lost in the dubbing; the roughness and simplicity (to the fringe of simple-mindedness) of Jayne's elocution (a little bit remains, but nothing like Adam's), the "western/I-eat-something-while-I-speak" voice of Mal, Inara's calm and presence (also conveyed by Morena's way of speaking), etc... all gone.

I am really pissed off right now. All the more that the translation did not seemed so bad (the jokes worked, etc...); but the voices characterizations were awful. I feel like I should call some operative to do nasty things to some french "voices" actors.

Anyhow: in a couple of weeks, I am going to paris so see friends... and the OV of Serenity, I hope!

And also, above all, I am now waiting for the DVD (is the christmass release of a R2 DVD really real??).
I want to know if Joss saw the 'When Whedonesquers Go Wild' thread from a few days ago!
Now that was a laugh! It was a bloody awesome movie and a great ride. So lovely of Joss to give a call out to the UK and Oz UIP workers, who did go above and beyond to promote this film. They were passionate and loved it, and they truly worked their behinds off!
"Or if you do, RampaLemy, try to go in one of the (very few) theaters that show the non-dubbed version of it"
Don't worry, I ALWAYS see the good movie in english, I'm not crazy! (That's sad but french dub always sucks)

Don't worry, I ALWAYS see the good movie in english, I'm not crazy! (That's sad but french dub always sucks)

What?? French suck?? ;)

More serioulsy, yes; the dubbing is always "not very good" (at least). Except for Starsky & Hutch... ah, Jacques Ballutin! :)
Never fear, people. If 500,000 Firefly DVDs were sold, then it's not unreasonable to assume that the same number of Serenity DVDs will eventually be sold (will they be out for Christmas??) and that must make, what, $7.5 million just there? It all adds up to the bean counters.
I want to know if Joss saw the 'When Whedonesquers Go Wild' thread from a few days ago! Now that was a laugh!

I agree, nixygirl! Even the cleaning up afterwards was fun. Though now that I've clicked the link, I see I missed a soup afterparty...ah well, you can't have everything :-)

Never fear, people. If 500,000 Firefly DVDs were sold, then it's not unreasonable to assume that the same number of Serenity DVDs will eventually be sold (will they be out for Christmas??) and that must make, what, $7.5 million just there? It all adds up to the bean counters.

Well, I'm done fearing. I agree that it should be possible to reach Firefly's number of sold discs. And if they release two sets, one for christmas and a bigger one later, I think there'd be more than a few browncoats buying both. Couple that to new converts/casual fans/movie sci-fi fans who might just want to get the movie, without having seen the show, and we might just surpass the number of sold Firefly sets.

And we haven't even talked about Rentals. I have a feeling that Serenity is going to be big, rental-wise. But I admit to having no clue how much money is usually made in the movie-rental business.

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